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Summon Darshan Ragi To Akal Takhat - Sant Samaj


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It Seems These Heretics Have Their Base in Canada, Ontario, Brampton, Toronto. It Seems to be in the Brampton, Toronto Area of Canada. They have Their Fake Singh Sabha Canada, Fake Sikh Lehar, Darshan Ragi has an academy or something There. They Have TV Programs Called '(Against) Gurbani', and stuff like that. Many of Them I think Live in That Area. Theres' Also This Guy Named Harmanjit, He Calls himself the Salsa Fauj (He and Darshan Ragi Dance Salsa Together at Nights. LOL!!). This Atheist Named Jeonwala also is From Brampton in Canada, Ontario, Toronto. They are Spewing Venom Like Rabid Cobras!! Why has Panthic Dhardi Organizations in That Area not Silenced These Rabid Cobras?! Why Has Tapoban, Taksal, Nihangs or Other Panthic Dhardi Khalsas in That Area Not Said and Done Anything About This?!

Darshan Ragi and Crew Have ZERO understanding of Dasam Patshah Bani. It Seems the Creator has Stolen from Them All Virtues!! Khalsas in That Area who have Understanding of Dasam Patshah Bani, can EASILY!!! Rip Apart any of Their Ignorant, Heretic, and Purposeful Lies of Dasam Patshah Bani Aiming at Khalsa and Khande-Pahul Amrit!!! These Heretics Have ZERO Understanding of Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji, How are They Going to Understand Dasam Patshah Bani?!?!?!? Their True Aims are at Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji!! Even At This Fake singh sabha Website, they already changed Gurbani of Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji, by putting a Bindi on Gurbani where It shouldn't' Be. This is Symbolic That they can Change and Aim to Change Gurbani of GuruGranth Sahib Ji!!! Spokesman is Their 'Bible', and Their Main Aim is At Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji as Well!!!

These Heretics Can't Do Jack!!! What the Hell is Unjachak and His Cobra Gang Going to do?!?!? They Think The Creator Does Not Exist!! They Think Guru Gobind Singh Ji is Not Here!!! These Heretics feel Secure Because They Rightfully Feel Protected by The Laws of The Country, and The Police, and Judicial Systems in Place. So They Spew Their Venom. Khalsa is Patient, Khalsa is Always in Anand, But Bir Ras in Khalsa is Also Alive and Well!!! But it Doesn't Matter, We Live in a New Age Now, and The Internet is Very Powerful. We Will Destroy These Gur Nindhaks!!!!!

Darshan Ragis' and Their Entire Heretic Cobras seem to be Laying Their Eggs in Canada, Ontario, Brampton, Toronto Though. These Heretics Challenge Guru Gobind Singh!!!! The Creator Himself Will Deal With These Rabid Cobras!!! These Atheists Do Not Understand That Akaal Purakh Has a Fauj On Earth!! They are Known as Khalsa!! The True Khalsa!!! And,

Khalsa WILL Rise!!! and Khalsa WILL Destroy Such Heretics!!! These Heretics Have Only Fooled Themselves, Their Minds, and Their Souls, and They can only Further Fool Those with Zero Gursikh Jeevan and Very Very Very Little Knowledge on GuruGranth Sahib Ji and Dasam Patshah Bani. They Will not Be able to Expand on Bhai Gurdas Ji, Bhai Nand Lal Singh, and Bhai Gurdas Singh Bani Either. They Do Not Understand Khalsa Gurmat. Either Way, These Cobras Will be Destroyed!!!

Dhan Dhan Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Dasam Patshah Bani!!!!!

Dhan Dhan RehitVaan Panj Pyareh, Khande-Pahul Amrit, and Khalsa Rehit!!!!!

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