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Need Help Mentally

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Don't paht while driving your going to get your self killed .....

When you go to sleep while in bed thats a good time. Try to think about the meanings of the words that your saying, that all ways 97% works

If you can you should try Pakistan for a kidney transplant... they got the best kidney hospital in the world. Carefull on bombs stay inside, don't tell your out of country,

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Guest --gupt--

Guru fateh!

Regurally do sukhamani saheb patha & dukhabanji saheb patha(5 or more patha a day) in amritwela.

If u want to concentrate on gurbani then read guru ji's stories.Regurally before sleeping read any story or article of about guru ji.

Read meaning of whatever patha u do.Keep u'r self away from bad serials and movies.

To get concentration u should have inner love for guru ji & that love will generate inside u when u read guru ji's stories, an inner respect & love will generate inside u.

Watch movie "mann jeeta jagajeet","Laalan di quarbani","Shaheed baba deep singh ji","Sardari" etc.

Never leave hope do patha & ardaas slowly u will get concentration guru ji kirpa karenga.Never stop doing patha if u don't get concentration then also do guru ji kirpa karenga.

Also be in good sangat."sahi pyare mala jina milaya tera naam chita ahava"

Satnaam waheguru.

Bul chuk mafa!

Guru fateh!

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Guest ishpreetsngh

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

bhenji i respect your situation and please dont listen to this moorakh. Make a decision after you listen to some katha.....from the following links. however....i will give my 2 cents but they dont mean much as much as katha from pooran gursikhs. what they say carries weight b/c they have lived their life in bhukh, pyas, lack of sleep and have done many jugtian (methods) just to do simran and have gotten somewhere in life.

most of us start off be-amrateah (without amrit) and through bad sangat get into bad karam...and then at once...Guru ji blesses us and puts us in a problem, where we are stuck (we read rehiraas sahib everyday and the second pauree says DUKH DAROO SUKH ROG BHAYA, JAN SUKH TAAM NA HOYE {suffering is the med, pleasure is the disease. where there is pleasure , there is no Guruji} ). because dukh is Guruji's way telling our papai mind 'hun bas kar bhaleya loka' and is actually when our bad karam give fruit. but sometimes repenting the bad karam indirectly teach us 'NAR CHET PAAP TE DAR RE {you ignorant fool be scared of the paap you commit}'.

this paapi mind has made a habbit of going opposite of bani for the last 84 lakh life forms that we have cycled before getting here. it is nearly imposible for anyone to control this beast, only Guru sahib's kirpa can help us. HE IS THE SAVING GRACE. Guru Arjan Dev ji says (also from rehras sahib) 'JAP, TAP, SANJAM, DHARAM NA KAMAYA. SEVA SADH NA JANEYA HAR RAIYA. KAHO NANAK HAM NEECH KARAAMA SARAN PARAE KE RAKHAHO SARMA'{Guru ji himself is saying i have not done JAP or any bhagti, neither have i maintained any discipline and nor have i followed the rightous path. I haven't served any sant/mahapursh (because sant Naam da vajood hunde hun) and I havent served the true lord himself.. Guru ji continues with sade karam bohot mareh ah, hun asi tuhadi sharan vich aye han, sanu rakh lavo.} we must think if maharaj is saying all this then 'asi kereh baagh de mooli han'..who the hell are we. we are nothing. we are not even the dust of Guru ji's feet because even their dust's dust can save universes of universes.

after such a long time of our mind's wandering we got human form, that too in sikh families...so that we have a chance at being a gursikh and taking amrit.......Taking gurujees amrit is the begining for us.. b/c bani says 'AMRIT HAR HAR NAAM HAI MERI JINDAREYAEH'......taking amrit is naam. WITHOUT NAAM THER IS NO SUKH. and we cannot meditate because our paap are so much. I give you my example: i took amrit (its not b/c of me its guru ji's blessing) and whenever i start to do simran i fall asleep. YOu know what tht is, its paap. It is all our paap that are coming in the way. THE PROBLEM WITH US IS WE WANT TO GET TO SACH KHAND IN A FREAKING ELEVATOR. The only way to remove the paap is to go through it in stages. bani says BHANDA DHOE BAI DHOOP DEVAHO TAB DOODEH KO JAVOH{first clean this bodily bhanda then put the amrit roopi milk in it and then you will savor it, otherwise the milk will go bad}' NISHKAM SEVA (serving at bhande seva in gurudwaras or joreh seva without asking for anything in return is the only way to clean this mind) is the beginning. I ask Guru jee that hope fully i fix this about myself and i suggest this to you aswell. Personally, when my good deeds from last life come to fruit and Guru ji blesses this keera only then i end up doing some seva but inside this mind is so maila that it RUNS LIKE A RETARD IN ALL 4 DIRECTIONS. Again before we begin to do seva do a small ardas in the mind that Guru Ji. 'Without you im screwed help me.' Just grab the sangat's shoes or bhande in your nearby gurdwara and rub em like our lives depends on it.

once we do enough seva we will be okay for simran and Maharaj will help us get up early like 3 or 4...because with seva we will start to fear Guru Ji out of respect. For example. Just like we fear our teachers and bosses when we go to school and work. We run like its the end of the world. Why ? b/c we know these things in life provide for our way of living. BUT THE MOST UNFORTUNATE THING IS WE DONT REALIZE (ESPECIALLY PEOPLE LIKE ME) THE ROJI/ROTI DEN VALA IS NO OTHER THAN GURU JI. all these administrators and teachers are puppets. ONCE WE START TO PUT SIKHI FIRST EVENTHOUGH THE SITUATION MIGHT CALL FOR THE OPPOSITE, GURU JI WILL HELP IN WAYS WE CANT EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE... for this i recommend you listen to sant baba harnaam singh ji's jeevan recordings, especially starting chapter 6

PDF in english - http://www.sgsss.org/web/resources/doc_download/7-se-kinehiya-.html

AUDIO in punjabi - http://www.sikhvibes.com/kirtan/index.php?q=f&f=/Gurdwara%20RamPur%20Khera%20-%20India/Audio%20Books/Se%20Kinehiya%20-%20in%20PUNJABI%20-%20Biography%20of%20Sant%20Baba%20Harnam%20Singh%20Ji

they also have audio in english on the same site.

also alot of people like me will you what is right in sikhi and what is wrong...and you know...all the drama that come with it, especially on forums and such. just stay clear of controversies, there nothing in it. its just JHOTHE LOKAN DIYAN JHOTHIAN THISSAN, false ppl with false claims. NO KAMAI ONLY TALK. so just stick to KATHA on gurmatveechar.com.

make sure you stick to seva (dont worry about what family or ppl will think and dont about your kaparae), grab a old cloth and start rubbing the shoes of sangat and make sure to keep the mind in the katha/keertan going on or you can stick to your mp3 player or repeata line of bani. Your a bibi so you can actually cover your head with a chunni that will prevent your mind from thinking i hope ppl notice me doing seva. just keep such things in mind and you will be ok.

i would recommend you listen to katha and dharna (again stay clear of the controversies b/c its all ustat of maharaj for ppl for whome bani is sometimes hard to understand) as they helped me, i hope you have an mp3 player so you can also do it during treatment, if allowed. Also Tande wale sant is wicked too, their recording are very clear as well.

Another thing that helped me drastically was good friend circle and again i had no control over it. all just guru jee's bleesing.If you are not in some sort of routine sangat or not in routine daily gurdwara visits or not living in a amritdhari family, such sangat is very hard to come by. Because only by seeing other gursikh living the jeevan, you feel like CRAP WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME. NISHKAM SEVA and doing japjee sahib from heart whenever free will get you the sangat you need. you know how?

In this world it is not that all the good jeevan sikhs are not there anymore, it is only our 'mare bhag'(sins that we have sowed ourselves), Baba Jagjit singh jee Harkhowalvale always says that the braham gyani will come to us, if we have the bhagati. Babajee is wicked too make sure you listen to him, he talks harsh but hes got the balls that no one has. He teached me everyday of what things to do what not to do. He has basically become my sangat though his audio. He is great. Also listen to shudh bani recording by Baba Jarnail singh. All the link are below.

I am smaller in age than you, so all my advice means nothing because what can a child guide his bigger sister. We are all full of gand and koora that only we our selves and Guru Ji knows. Harkhowal vale sant will tell you all the things not to do in life. He's like a father i wish i had.


Baba Jagjit Singh ji's katha gurmatveechar has videos and keertan.org has audio

AUDIO start from 1st folder, he gives great updesh - http://www.keertan.org/andromeda.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2FBaba+Jagjit+Singh+Jee+Harkhowalae

VIDEOS - http://gurmatveechar.com/video2/video.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2FBaba_Jagjit_Singh_%28Harkhowal_Wale%29

Naam di mehima - Sant Waryeam Singh -


you can go through more of their stuff, especially the bachan from no. 191 to 197


Baba Gurdyal Singh Tande wale - I went thourgh the 2008 ones i havent listen to the new 2009 ones




Keertan Sohila and Rakheya de shabad


Baba Jarnail SIngh jis - Sundar Gutka (listen to shudh bani will clean our minds and HELPS US REMEMBER THEM SLOWLY)

IT IS REALLY UNFORTUNATE THAT YOU CANT READ AND WRITE PUNJABI, i would recommend somehow, i dont know how to do this, that you learn to atleast read and understand gurmukhi - if you want soemthign in life. i cant imagine myself not being able to understand gurmukhi or read it. i thank Guru Ji for it. I never though about it.


i would recommend you listen to japji sahib, jaap sahib, swaye, chaupu sahib and anad sahib, rehras sahib the above rakheya de shabad and kertan sohila everyday, even tough the first 5 morning prayers are to be DONE morning only and Rehraas sahib in EVENING and Rakheya de shaba and Keertan sohila before sleeping. I dont see anything wrong with it if you want to listen to them or memorizing them anytime during the day for the purpose of learning.

i suggest you read Salok Shekh Farid Ke translation which i attached (on page 7 of the pdf) as you listen to the audio of it, you can slow down the speed of playback in windows media player by going to VIEW - ENHANCEMENTS in the right click menu or at the top. Their salok are very much bairag wale.

PDF - http://depositfiles.com/files/4e4lbh5bs

AUDIO - http://gurmatveechar.com/audio/Gurbani_Ucharan/Bhai_Jarnail_Singh_%28Damdami_Taksal_wale%29/Beant_Banis/09--Bhai.Jarnail.Singh--Salok.Sekh.Farid.Ke.Ang.1377-1384.mp3


if you start listening to Sant Gyani Gurbachan singh ji, Gyani Thakur Singh, Sant Jarnail Singh jee's or Sant Kartar singh jee's katha or gurmatveechar.com i can guarantee you you will see your self transforming with kirpa from Maharaj.

this one is worth it to start off - http://gurmatveechar.com/audio/katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Giani_Thakur_Singh_%28Patiala_wale%29/Giani.Thakur.Singh.Ji--Sant.Da.Jeevan.mp3

also the one on Guru Arjan dev Ji's Shaheedi by Giani Thakur Singh



the things i might say below might not apply to you bhenji but i have realized that the following are usually the cause of trouble in our daily lives. I apologize beforehand.

I would suggest, this is only a suggestion, i dont know jack anyways, but i would recommend if you stop anda and meat if you eat it. If you dont then its great, b/c we dont realize the paap this puts on us and roadblocks us even if we want to reach to Guru Ji. Guru ji is inside all of us and by putting blood and bones we are just telling God to get the hell out. So can we expect him to help us.

Also, alot of people , including my family many times hate on gurdwaras b/c of the politics and sant mahapursh, just to have a freakin conversation. NEVER DO IT if you do so. B/c all we are doing is getting away from and hating everything that Guru ji loves.

I HATE giving updesh to people, b/c only a MANMUKH tells people what they should do, a GURMUKH always certainly belives in Guru Ji's hukam and believes that everyone only gets what their paralabdh has in store i.e. what ever is written on their forehead. If someone does not have something , its just not the right time for it yet.

i am sorry my 2 cents translated into a big vomit.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

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waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh

I really want to thank everyone from my heart, esp. Ishpreetsingh Ji for taking his precious time and explaining me like my own brother, by reading your comments I really felt as if I was talking to you face to face. I'll try my best to do sewa, like you said don't worry about clothes getting dirty or people watching me while doing jutea di sewa, to be honest I always wanted to do these two sewa but these were the only two fears I had. But now I'll try me best. Veerji I wanted to ask you one more thing, like sometimes if I'm helping in the langer hall and kirtan starts I just don't like staying there anymore I really want to go in the sanget and listen to keertan, is that wrong? And other thing is that I don't know punjabi but I have gutkas in english(nitnam,sukhmani sahib and dukhbhanjani sahib) I do path from them I hope thats not wrong? And lastly you said you are smaller to me in age,but that is just a wordly thing spiritually according to me you are even bigger than a lot of people who are a lot bigger to us in age. May God always bless you and keep you in chardi kala. Thankyou

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rwgu iblwvlu mhlw 5 dupdy Gru 5

raag bilaaval mehalaa 5 dhupadhae ghar 5

Raag Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla, Du-Paday, Fifth House:

<> siqgur pRswid ]

ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Avir aupwv siB iqAwigAw dwrU nwmu lieAw ]

avar oupaav sabh thiaagiaa dhaaroo naam laeiaa ||

I have given up all other efforts, and have taken the medicine of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

qwp pwp siB imty rog sIql mnu BieAw ]1]

thaap paap sabh mittae rog seethal man bhaeiaa ||1||

Fevers, sins and all diseases are eradicated, and my mind is cooled and soothed. ||1||

guru pUrw AwrwiDAw sglw duKu gieAw ]

gur pooraa aaraadhhiaa sagalaa dhukh gaeiaa ||

Worshipping the Perfect Guru in adoration, all pains are dispelled.

rwKnhwrY rwiKAw ApnI kir mieAw ]1] rhwau ]

raakhanehaarai raakhiaa apanee kar maeiaa ||1|| rehaao ||

The Savior Lord has saved me; He has blessed me with His Kind Mercy. ||1||Pause||

bwh pkiV pRiB kwiFAw kInw ApnieAw ]

baah pakarr prabh kaadtiaa keenaa apanaeiaa ||

Grabbing hold of my arm, God has pulled me up and out; He has made me His own.

ismir ismir mn qn suKI nwnk inrBieAw ]2]1]65]

simar simar man than sukhee naanak nirabhaeiaa ||2||1||65||

Meditating, meditating in remembrance, my mind and body are at peace; Nanak has become fearless. ||2||1||65||

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    • If this is accurate then sikhs had a very high growth/birth rate in the 60s till the mid 70s and then the growth rate started declining.   
    • your right about that we can also see that with whites and sikhs who live in america, canada and well off spacey well to do parts of the UK where they have very little interaction with muslim ghettos in large numbers. These people tend have quite favorable views of islam and muslims but the whites and Sikhs who actually live in parts dominated by muslims know the score. They see how muslims subjudgate and look down upon non-muslims and its those Sikhs who show us the glimpse of the future of minorities once muslims take over areas and lands.
    • Your average sikh in punjab probably has hardly had much contact with a muslim tbh  muslims make only around 1% of punjabs population.  The Sikhs that witnessed the partition are now really old or dead. So sikhs in pubjab have no ide what it is like living with muslims when their population is large. Your average sikh in punjab has probably just spoken to kashmiri carpet sellers and gujjars and that's it. Hindus on the other hand in places like UP  know what it's like living with a sizable muslim population, the hindus in Bengal know, delhi, etc   same with the Buddhist in Myanmar and us sikhs in the west, basically anyone anywhere in the world where there is a large muslim population knows what it's like!  Whenever sikhs in punjab see acts of violence against muslims in other states they get all defensive of the muslims because they have no idea what it is like living with a large muslim population.  That's why sikhs in Malerkotla were protesting against the caa Once the population of muslims is a big minority in punjab only then will they know what it's like. Until then there really is not much you can do  Other than wait for them to experience it themselves. 
    • I dont think the are abrahamics are ones who run india i think the ones who really rule are adharmic atheists types who use religions to suit their needs. and your right about the need to be adharmic and last time that happened Sikhs were able to get rule. Sad reality of this world and existence in order to get political power or stop being genocided yourself you have to be ruthless and adharmi at times too to stop your own people getting exterminated. From my analysis the only thing preventing Sikhs from reacting violently at the moment is betrayal from fellow Sikhs. We learn't from 1984 that the Sikhs themselves were indian agents working part of the indian establishments agenda. Theres cases going through indian courts right now where akali dali members of punjab Parliament were convicted of killing innocent civilians who they later blamed on sant bhindranwale and gave the indian state justification to attack darbar sahib. But some how these same people survived all the state violence and eventually got selected by akali dali for political power? This is why no one trusts akali dal and any jathabandi any more because we dont know whose working for who. But what we do know is anyone killing innocent civilians is defo not working for the interests of the sikh community and defo some governments agents.
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