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Noormehila Samagam - Police / Badal Govt Fires on Singhs


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Guest PunjabSingh

At the moment RSS is training it's youth all over Including including "Durga Vahini" the women wing with rifles and lathis while our youth including bibiyaan are sleeping.

So much so that RSS and center stooge Ashutosh bhaiyaa "again" addressed a gathering at Ludhiana on 6 December,2009 despite the curfew.For those who are still wondering what Ashutosh has said read carefully."Ashutosh calls himself the real Khalsa and calls Sikhs as Pakistani and anti national agents".There is documented proof in the form of CDs which proof the reality of Ashutosh.

On the other hand some Charhdikala Singhs are fighting with the police but most of Sikh and Punjabi youth are mere spectators and are drowned in narcotics.It seems the large scale violence by bhaiyaas 2 days back is in fact a planning for something worse in the future .

Sikhs are sticking to "Sarbat daa bhaalaa" and welcoming all irrespective of caste,color,creed into Punjab.But is it justified to keep quite if some outsider takes undue advantage of our hospitality ?

Some people compare bhaiyaas with Sikhs in Canada etc where they have gone to earn their livelihood.The question is will Canada tolerate violence on it's soil my migrants ?If not,then why are we tolerating it ?

Just think for a moment what would you do if some outsider comes and tries to rape in your house ?The bihari migrants are doing exactly that with Punjab.They have looted Punjab,spread drugs,polluted our religion.No matter how much we consider them as part of Punjab their loyalities will always remain with their parent states and they will take all the money to their parent states.

What the kharkoos or police whoever threw them out of Punjab did the right thing .Some people who were opposing this earlier must have changed their mind by now.Who cares whether all of them return to never return.Let Ludhiana industry perish.When Punjabi farmers are under debt and committing suicide let the so called industrialists who are mostly BJP or Congress supporters also feel the heat.At least I will not feel sad at all.Punjab's cities are hot beds of RSS,Shiv sena and radical Hindus.

In this sense even MNS is better than today's Sikhs in Punjab.At least they have shown that no misadventure by outsiders will be tolerated in Maharashtra.

If we dont wake up even now then we will be face many difficulties.

For the Sikhs abroad,the reality here in Punjab is that most of the Sikh and Punjabi youth look like khushraas and bhaiyaas from their behaviour as well as faces .You can not distinguish between a bhaiyaa taking drugs and on the other hand a mona Sikh taking drugs.Both look very similar.The Singhs you saw at Ludhiana taking on the police are not much in number .Indian govt and RSS have suceeded in eroding the spirit of Sikhism from most Sikh youth in Punjab with the help of drugs,porn,baahmanvaadi media etc.

Perhaps now again the agitation will start from abroad like in the 1980's.Vienna incident has shown this.

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In reply to das nimana above, I think you are mistaken, almost everyone will agree with people like Inder singh, it is people like you who try to act panthic but are followers and chele of the enemies who need to be exposed. everyone respected you at one time thinking you were panthic, but you have just exposed yourself for what you really are with your BAISED views, your support for those like kala afghana supporters like spokesman, quoting them, and trying to promote the views of heretics like tat khalsa and ik noor khalsa fauj has just shown your true colours. the more these people talk, the more they are exposed for what they are. das nimana and associates like guptsingh84 have just ruined the whole thread dedicated to these happenings and shaheed bhai darshan singh. i beg the admin to put these heretics under moderation or ban them completely for promoting anti-dasam granth views and supporting anti-panthic people and organisations. this forum is unbiased and PANTHIC, theres no room for biased anti-panthic people here, we have enough of them turning up to the marches and the funeral of shaheed bhai darshan singh earlier today (can u believe 15-20 of these people tried to disrupt a funeral of a shaheed singh????) sad.gifwacko.gifmad.gifohmy.gif

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Kabir,marta marta jagg muaa,marr bhi naa jaaney koye,

Aisi marni jo marrey,bahur naa marna hoye.

Kabir, the world is dying – dying to death, but no one knows how to truly die.

Whoever dies, let him die such a death, that he does not have to die again

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW) condemn the brutal disproportionate actions of the Punjab police today, whose actions have caused the Shaheedi of Gursikh(S) (full details yet to be confirmed).

SOPW is working on the ground to ensure that those Gursikhs and families who are being indiscriminately rounded up by the police are supported and backed with legal support, to ensure their civil rights are maintained.

This incident serves as another example of the difficulties faced by Sikhs today, and also an awakening to Sikhs worldwide to act now to support our Gursikhs who are persecuted for standing firm against oppression as per our Guru Sahib's orders.

SOPW had prepared a press release to inform the Sadh Sangat that the release of 3 Sikh prisoners had been facilitated yesterday, Gursikhs who had been imprisoned for 5 - 12 years respectively. Arrangements had been made for these Gursikhs to be met by volunteers of SOPW from England and to be taken to Sri Harmandir Sahib today. However this press release had to be delayed as the Gursikhs having heard of the arrival of anti-sikh elements cancelled the meeting and rushed to Ludhiana to stand once against oppression (a day after being released).

The whereabouts/welfare of these things is unknown and we pray for them, along with the Gursikhs they joined and our beloved Shaheeds.

The bravery of these particular Gursikhs, gives an insight to their Chardi Kala, although largely ignored and forgotten by the Panth, a decade in prison could not break their spirit of righteousness.

Please contact SOPW to find out how you can help support our Gursikhs, SOPW currently has approximately 100 Gursikhs whose only crime is their inability to turn a blind eye to oppression.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)



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