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Noormehila Samagam - Police / Badal Govt Fires on Singhs


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Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh Ji has two sons. It is important that the Khalsa Panth does not forget his sacrifice and ensure the family is looked after and receive all the help they need.

are you sure he has no daughter/s? i read somewhere he has two whpo are of marriagable age?

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How many police were injured or killed?

Why is it always Singhs being killed? Kirpans and guns must be for more then just show. How many Sikh Gunmen/bodyguards were with the sikh leaders during the protesters? If Sikh gunmen were present and 5/6 singhs have been killed with no enemy in return then those guns need to be taken off them and given to people who have the knackers to use them, when needed.

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Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh Ji has two sons. It is important that the Khalsa Panth does not forget his sacrifice and ensure the family is looked after and receive all the help they need.

are you sure he has no daughter/s? i read somewhere he has two whpo are of marriagable age?

Maybe so regardless his children need to be looked after fully by the Panth unlike what we did to the families of the 84 genocide and the families of shaheed singh.

Now Badal will tell them to leave Ludhiana and like lemmings them will obey orders.The likes of Dhumma, Dadu, Rode and Dhadrian will then tell people how they led from the front and were shot at without any reference to the actual cowardice they displayed.

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Darshan Singh (58) minutes before he succumbed to bullet injuries received during police firing in Ludhiana on Saturday. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Parnaam Shaheedan Nu.

Jaddon Dulda Khoon Shaheedan Da, Taqdeer Kauman Di Badal Jaandi

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I am soo deeply saddened.

Like others have said.... (it does need to be said again):


We need to unite and stop looking for falts in others. As Sant Ji used to say we should all unite under the one nishan sahib. We all bow to the same Guru.


My question is... what can we do here in the UK?.....

How can we support our quam from here? (other then protesting and path)

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Maybe so regardless his children need to be looked after fully by the Panth unlike what we did to the families of the 84 genocide and the families of shaheed singh.

and more by Baba Dhadrianwale and followers otherwise Dharamraaj is waiting!! time to sell another audi or face the music when you die.

Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh was there for the Khalsa panth and it is the duty of the Panth to look after his family. I am sure Dhadrianwala will not shirk away from his duty here and will ensure the family of Bhai Sahib Ji is looked after.

During the time of the misals mahan Gursikhs like Baba Jassa Singh Ahluwalia always led from the front and were prepared to fight against any injustice. Today we have the likes of Dhumma who have forgotten how Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji led from the front and gave kurbani for the Sikh panth. Instead aj kal de jathedar do too much talking and hide away when it comes to direct action. Boyth sharam di gal ya ke Dhumma DDT da jathedar banni fer da.

Everyone is asking where was Dhuma and Dhiadrianwale , my question where are the Thakur Panthis ? who beleieve in Sant Jarnail Singh Ji return . Atleast Dhuma was there and what about Simranjit Singh Maan and another so called head of Damdami Taksaal Sant Ram Singh ji.

Whats the point of being there if all his intention was to hide away once things kicked off?

As Tippu Sultan used to say "better to live 1 day as a tiger than 100 as sheep". Dhumma is nothing more than a coward. He still has time to get off his behind in the morning and directly lead a jatha, he will not do so as to him the kursi of being a jathedar is more than giving kurbani for the panth.

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Kanwarpal Singh Bittu(Dal Khalsa) attack on Sikhs by the police was unprovoked





The Punjab government on Saturday evening ordered a magisterial probe into violent incidents in this industrial city that left one person dead and over 15 injured in a clash between police and Sikh protesters who tried to disrupt a religious conference of controversial sect leader Ashutosh .

One person was killed Saturday in police firing near Samrala crossing on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh highway. The victim was identified as Darshan Singh. At least two others were in serious condition.

Kanwarpal Singh Bittu of Dal Khalsa, told IANS that the police firing was unprovoked. "They suddenly opened fire as we were proceeding to the venue of the conference," .

But police blamed the protesters for indulging in violence.

"We tried to stop them but they attacked the police and tried to forcibly cross the barricades. They had come with full preparation and were carrying sticks and swords. To control the situation, police had to fire in the air to disperse the mob," a police officer said.

Ashutosh and other deras in Punjab are the part of plan of the Hindu fascists of converting Panjab to Hinduism and bringing it within the Hindutva fold of Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan. These deras are just a front for fascists for training new terrorists in all parts of Panjab.Ashutosh has been clear about his political stand,at his last function Hindutva was the main theme.

At his last meet DJJS said their is no such thing as Sikhism,that 'Hindu dhrama' has many branches and so called Sikhs just a part of the great 'Hindu samaj'.It was also mentioned that there are some people claiming that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation, they said "these are agents of Pakistan and the West".

Dal Khalsa would like to clarify that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation. Hate for Muslims or any other faith is against the core principals of Sikhism.Hindutava is not a faith it is plain and simple fascism we as nation should stand against it and join all those in opposition of it.

spacer.gif Related Stories Curfew lifted from three areas in violence-hit Ludhiana Videopunjab140.jpgClick here for Video

Dal Khalsa condemns the brutal attacks carried out on Sikhs on Ludhiana today,only a few days ago so called Bihari immigrants burned cars and commited loot and arson in broad day light but NO ACTION was taken by the Panjab Police or any Govt foce to control them properly.When the question to Sikhs protesting against a cult which is destroying Panjab and the Sikh Nation,Sikhs are fired upon by Govt forces and sadly one Sikh has died (Shaheed)and countless are injured some critical.Leading of from yesterday's press release warning Sikhs to unite and be vigilant Dal Khalsa would like to once again warn Sikhs that these are very critical times for us and we need to remain alert,vigilant and unite against any sort of anti Sikh activities be it from Police,Govt or the actual Ashutosh cult itself,in reality these are of one and the same of the Hindutva plan and ideology to destroy Panjab and Sikhism.

Sikhs have every right to defend themselves as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji has stated and the agitation against Ashutosh and all other false Baba's Deras,Cults will continue.The Central Govt. and its stooges who are put as Sikh leaders are part of the parcel of this gameplan which is being played out in the last week against the Sikh Qoum.Sikhs have to realise and wise up to the conspiracy of destroying the Sikh Nation through various ways and means,the Sikh Nation has dealt with anti Sikh forces in the past when challenged and will without a doubt deal with any others that wish to launch attacks against it.

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Were all are the Nihangs and yess paneer monster you said the right thing we need EKTA as 1 KHALSA PANTH.. Will we stand by and let this happen.. will we just watch even abroad SIKHS need to do something.. Sikhs in America, Canada, UK and so on need to start movements in their countries and campaigns n spread awareness to the governments and take action to the max... we must unite and fight for SIKHS not only by informing our govts we need to start a movement and spread it 2 india...

in 1978 after13 Singhs for killed BAbbar Khalsa was started in Punjab and also was spread from SIkhs in canada, US, uk etc we need to do same and stand up for Justice

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Khalistan Zindabad you right big up to all the SINGHS who were their protesting and Pranaam Shaheedan Nu

Lets all stop arguing bout Dhumma And Ranjit Ji and pray for the Shaheeds and hurt Singhs and lets pray that the Khalsa Panth Unites as 1



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Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh!

Atlanta youth from USA interviewing a Singh present at the LDH Morcha, in full chardi kala...

THis is the latest.

Four Singhs Saheed

Twelve or more injured.

Stop listening to the Indian News channel. THey are just giviing one side of the news. THey are also tring to make the sikh jathabandyan look bad.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO THE SIKHS IN AUSTRALIA, HARISH BEDI the MLA, who gave the shooting order, is trying to run away to Australia for Safety.

The Singhs in punjab, requesting to the Australian sangat to take strong action against Harish Bedi.

We are getting information from the Singhs, who are present at the morcha. and who also saw with their eyes Singhs getting saheed. vaheguru

We will try to get more information from the Singhs and update the worldwide sangat.


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