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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

When I talk to fellow non-Sikhs, these questions are often asked. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to them. Hopefully, you will help me broaden my knowledge.

1. If we keep Kes to be proud of how God created us, why do we cover it with clothes and not be proud of it ?

2. Do we belive in what Muslims call jinn (demons?)

3. How do we, Sikhs, believe the world will end ?

4. Do any of the 3 Granths say anything about what will happen in the future ?

Thank you.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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In My Opinion,

Here are a few quick thoughts that come to mind.

1. We cover our Kes to Show Extra Respect! And Therefore being Extra Proud of Our Kes! (The Head is also the Place of the Dasam Duar, but no need to go into too much of that with others, the conversations might get complicated.)

2. We Believe the Creations of The Creator cannot be quantified. In Awe of The Creator and Unfathomable Appreciation of His Powers including His Creative Power of Creations; we Submit in Love To His Unimaginable Power!

3. In My Opinion, when each individuals eyes shut forever through this body (death), the world ends (for that individual). Everything else doesn't matter. Sikhs want to be Fruitful in Their Life Mission, and The World for Them Ends when the Call for Their Soul is Made from The True Court.

4. (Lets live for the Present with the Momentum of bringing a Beautiful Khalsa Future to Earth). I will let others answer this one. But surely, Our Scripture(s) Surely Give Great Inspiration for the Future!! Gives us Fabulous Aims!

Chardi Kala!!

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru JI Ki Fateh

1) You can say that the turban symbolizes you have put your feet on this path of being one with God and mankind of always helping those who are weak and dedicating your life to truth and justice and spreading love- Main Gur Mil Uch Dumalara- THe Dastar is a sign of meeting with the Guru :) girls can wear it too mention that so the prsn not confused

2)we believe in 5 demons

lust anger greeed ego n attachment

3)same as above- teh world ends when we lose iurselves in God each Amrit Vela

4) God knows

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1. One of the few reason we cover our hear is because historically when one shows respect or believe that they are in the presence of God, they will cover their head. i.e. Jews will cover their head when going to the synagouge; Chirstain used to do this practice and Muslims too when they would pray (Orthodx Greek chirstains still cover and grow their hair). Another example with history can be seen from the biblical story of when Moses spoke to God on the moutain the first thing God had said to Moses that 'you are on holy ground take off your shoes and cover your head' From here one can see that historically believing that you are in the pressence of God, communities would cover their head. Now for a Sikh we believe this with full faith, we believe that we are always in the pressence of God hence One of the reason we cover our beautiful Kes. I will let others continue with other reasons.

2. Muslims do believe in demons, Devil etc. However they believe that there has been on 'on-going' war between the Devil (who is an Angel the fallen Angel) and God for a very long time. This doesnt make sense to me; God is the Almighty, the creator of all and the destroyer of all. If Akaal Purkh and 'Devil' was in this so called war and it really was going on; Vaaheguroo could destory the 'fallen angel in a blink of an eye' because no one can be more powerful than God itself. In Sikhi yes but they are all in accordance with Gods creation not against him in a war. i.e. look at the story of Suleman the Ghost; about mukhti and the chaursai lakh joons etc. I'll let you dig on some homework here...

3. We're not really concerned about how the world ends, more about if were doing our abhiaas, being a good Gursikh to go home in Sachkhand (not some heaven) Sackhand is above heaven, where God resides and only a selected few will get their. Were not scared of death infact when one takes amrith they have accepted death already so the world ending is not one of our main concerns because had it ended tomorrow and we have taken amrith and lived by gursikh asools they we have nothing to worry about.

4. I haved read some snippets although can not remember from the top of my head. However let my answer of number three be repeated here. My sincere aplogies for not giving you a full answer here. Although I Hope it has been some help.

Let me assure you here, that with all due respect to Abrihamic fatiths, nothing is more beautiful and infact more truth than Sikhi. When you will get older you will see that they are just carbon copies of each other and they put each other down and also full of many untruths. Again let me say I'm trying to say this with the most respect as much as I can. I do not want to slate another faith as being a Sikh I can not do that. But I do not want our youth who are still young and have much learning to do start to research other faiths before reading Sikhi and realising the power of satguru. Please take time to read Sikhi, before you begin to dwell on others.

I have to go to sleep.

Apologies if I have offended anyone.

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