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Raagmala Steek In English


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For example, look how beautiful and spiritual the arths are:

Whose glory is being sung in all of creation?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji replied

gvrI gwvih AwswvrI ]

Gavree Gaavhi Aasaavaree

Gavree = focused intellect (Parbati), Gaavhi = to sing,

Aasaavaree = Aasaa = hope, Varee = to invite

Those people who sing the praises of God with the focused intellect

also invite hope. All of the demi gods such as the goddess Parbati sing

the praises of God's glory.

mmqw jwl qy rhY audwsw ]

pRxviq nwnk hm qw ky dwsw ]20]1]

If a person remains disassociated from the web of attachment then they

will become the form of God. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji state that they are

singing the praises of the Lord.

(Bilaaval Mahalla 1 Tithee – ang 840 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

How does one eradicate desires?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji replied

iqh pwCY isMDvI AlwpI ]

Tih Paachai Sidhvee Alaapee

Tih = desires, Paachai = away from, Sindhvee = Sindh = ocean,

Vee = like, Alaapee = praise

The saints who have pushed the desires away from themselves,

their praise and glory is difficult to comprehend similar to expounding

the praise of the huge ocean. They understand the Lord's vastness like

the ocean and sing His praises. By doing this they were able to eradicate

their thirst for desires.

iq®snw Agin pRiB Awip buJweI ]

nwnk auDry pRB srxweI ]5]1]55]

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji state that if a person comes in the shelter of the

Lord then the fire of desire and greed will be extinguished by the Lord.

This individual then crosses the worldly ocean.5.1.55.

(Dhanasree Mahalla 5 – ang 684 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

iq®snw buJY hir kY nwim ]

Through the singing of God's name the fire of desire and greed can be


(Dhanasree Mahalla 5 – ang 682 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

How does one eradicate distress?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji replied

isrIrwg isau pWcau QwpI ]1]

Sireeraag Sio Paanchou Thaapee

Sireeraag = Siree = the greatest, Raag = love, Paanchou = five

things that cause distress, Thaapee = prevent

Those who have complete love with God who is greater then all,

are able to prevent the five causes of distress affecting the individual's


The five causes of distress5 are;

a) Avidiya – ignorance to the illumination of the soul.

b) Asamita – being unable to control the concentration also

known as egoism.

c) Raag – attachment.

d) Dvaikh – enmity.

e) Abhinivesh – to cling onto life and fear death.

klI kwl ky imty klysw ]

eyko nwmu mn mih prvysw ]1]

Within the age of Kaljug all of the causes of distress have been

eradicated. These will be eradicated if a person has the name of God

forever in their mind.1.

(Soohee Mahalla 5 – ang 744 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

Raagmala : Spiritual (Intricate) Meanings

5. Also known as the Five Kalesha's.

These are just examples from the book, please purchase to read the rest

These are very strange explanations

I went to the store today

aarth- Gurmukhs always love God

I - Gurmukh

Store- Love

Today- God

Bloom why are you referring to some people as Gurmukhs who believe in Raag Mala while others like Bhai Randhir Singh Ji as Gursikh. Bhai Randhir Singh Ji was the greatest Gurbani Scholar of the 20 the century.

Singhstah- The Mahapursh in your avtar pic did not believe in Raag Mala anyody who things they did is seriously confused. Bhai Randhir Singh Ji said it has no Gurmat principles. Once someone like Bhai Randhir SIngh Ji says something he never changes his mind later because he always based his decisions on Gurmat.


mUrKY nwil n luJIAY ]19]

moorakhai naal n lujheeai ||19||

Don't argue with fools. ||19||


Admin- please do not delete this post Im not making argument about Raag Mala im just addressing the claims on other people on this thread

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"These are very strange explanations"

Sukhdeep SIngh your ignorance knows no bounds i see. The translations are for the intricate arths of bani similar to the arths done by Giani Thakur Singh Ji in the Jap Ji Shaib Katha which was translated by Neo. These are the same arths given by the nirmalas, sewapanthis, udasis and nihangs since Guru Gobind singh Ji explained the arths of Guru Sahib at Damdama Sahib.

Regarding Giani Gurdit Singh's Book on Mundavani a lot of research is being done into the pictures of the granths he posted. Like the jathedar of the time Joginder Singh Vadenti stated that Giani Gurdit Singh Ji had lied and took phtoos of granths that had raagmala but only took the pictures up to the mundavani. Because of this a number of indivuals have revisited these granths and found they do acutally contain the raagmala. A book to counter alot of the lies in that book is currently being written and will be published soon

The issue here is that those who regard raagmala as bani accept it and those who follow the bhasuria mentality do not!

not alot more can be said of this issue and it will not cease!

The thread was started just to let poepl know the book was available if they wished to read it. I do not wish any more to do witht he thread and happy for Mods to close it.

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In My Opinion,

Singhstah, I found your posts very touching.

Sukhdeep Singh, Please read my entire post with a Cool Mind, I use Gursikh and Gurmukh Interchangeably. Please read the entire post so I do Not Have to be Redundant. I also found your Criticism Style Very Insulting. The Enemies of the Panth are Thankful That People Like you Constantly Cause Divisions. As My Post Suggested! People Like Yourself will Be Against Sri Raagmaalaa because of Your Love of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji and Your Conclusions; and Others Will Love Sri RaagMaalaa Because of Their Love of Gurmukhs Such as Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa and Their Conclusions!

This Thread Should be Closed; For the Purpose of The Thread was To Inform on a Sri RaagMaalaa Steek in English.

Thank You.

*Added: I Also Want To Add. I Do Love Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji Too!!!

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VaahegurooJeeKaaKhaalsaa, VaahegurooJeeKeeFaateh!!

One thing I dont understand is guru jee says in Gurbanee jag mei udaam kadhie virle kehee kai. There only few gurmukhs in this world, however people are going around saying he is brahmgyani and they there brahygyani its become a complete joke.

Secondly singhstah and others you are saying that you feel hurt at those who don't believe in raag mala, their taking a page of gurbanee out of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. However if you look at the other side of the story those who dont believe in raag mala, they feel strongly against raag mala being next to saachi amrit baani.

However for panthic unity anti raagmala sangat has taken this issue lightly and accepted akal takhts hukam of raaag mala being in guru jee's paviter saroop.

Furthermore 2nd thing that annoys me is that the youth go around making stories of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Jee who has wrote: Undithiy Duniyaa, Charan Kamal Ki mauj, anhad shabad dasum duar, sachkhand darshand (5 khands) and people are coming out with stories like (1) Bhai Sahib went to baba jee and admitted raaag mala being gurbanee and then had a peaceful death (2) Bhai Sahib suffered painful death (3) Bhai Sahib has keere coming out of his mouth. There are few others as well.

Now Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Jee did'nt have a "sant" title and his main objective wasnt to give 100,000 people amrit. Bhai Sahibs amrit sanchars (I am refering to Guru Gobind Singh Jee amrit sanchar) 200 people wanted want to take amrit and sat troughout the whole amrit sanchar and only 5 of the 200 only were given amrit. In majority of amrit sanchars bhai sahib did seva only handful would actually took amrit 2,3,4,5 or 6.

Now lets compare Bhai Sahib to other sants. Others sants gave about 100000's of people amrit in there life time and Bhai Sahib only gave about 100-150 people amrit in there life time. If Bhai Sahib was wrong about raag mala it would'nt have much affect because he only had about 100-150 companions, so he doesnt loose much. Where as a sant has 100,000 companions.

The point I am making is Bhai Sahib would;nt lie to loose his image and respect within the singhs, as their were only handful of campanions and Bhai Sahibs aim wasnt to make quantity, it was quality.

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Can i just aska very quick thing before the mods close this thread but it was mentioned that "anti raagmala sangat has taken this issue lightly and accepted akal takhts hukam of raaag mala being in guru jee's paviter saroop"

Other then the Akhand Kirtani Jatha who else opposes the Raagmala?

If it is just one group then it isn't really for panthic unity as it is just one sect of the group fraction.

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Anyway, but the book read the arth, get over it, the arth are within gurmat and are the spiritual arths by sant gurbachan singh, i have repeatedly said stuff and have previously told yourselfs who were even present when it happened, so i dont see what your point is, go ask the people, i gave a list before.

If its fairy torys then prove it being wrong, its written in taksaals ithaas to have happened and also the jathedars have stated that bhai sahib jee did meet sant gurbachan singh jee etc.

This thread isnt even about bhai sahib randheer singh its about raagmaalas antreev arth being in english for the first time.

And if you have such an issue i would love to even see you try and take raagmala out guru sahib jees saroop and see what the shaheed singhs have to offer.

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    • Was listening to Sant Ji's katha on youtube.  Sant ji stated apart from the traditional raags, there is nothing wrong if Kirtan is sung in other NON - Raags set up by our Guru Ji's.  His example: Think of poison in a bowl.  Drinking the poison then blaming the bowl is silly. The poison is bad not the bowl. Likewise, we will never call a bowl Amrit once it contains Amrit init. Sameway it's not the raags being good / bad... it's WHAT we put into those raags. How many times Kirtan was sung but on a track of sum Bollywood tune? It is happening in Gurudwara by Raagis! Youtube also has Kaweshri jatha singing history of 1984, on Dr Dre's - Still Dre track.  Rap instrumental/ Bolly tunes stand neutral. We can either put bad things and sing with our own remixes and lyrics... or we can recreate to sing Shabads of Gurbabi, kirtan and Sikh Prachaar over them. 
    • Everything in Gurbani points us towards the Atma. Atma and Parmatma are the same… Atama and Parmatma is the source that creates and causes everything… What have the following items got in common? A fan. A television. A fridge. A radio. A computer..? These things are powered by electricity. Without electricity these things are lifeless. It’s the electricity that causes these things to function… Atma is the source of energy that allows everything to happen.    without Atma, we are lifeless… Call this Atama RAGUNATH…call this Atma by any other name…the fact remains that it’s the life force energy… Dieties also have the same Atma as humans, but they still part of the creation, and not the creator…  
    • Hi I want to know who’s ragunath in gurbani Hindu claim this word appear for ram chandra if we read guru teg bahadur maharaj salok maharaj clearly rejecting ram gayo ravan geo but at the last pangti Kahu naanak īh bipaṭi mai tek ēyk ragɦunaaṭɦ ॥55॥ Says Nanak, in this calamity, the Lord alone is my support who is this ragunaath why would maharaj use ragunath as refrence for god?
    • Throughout history we have been tested and tried. We remained steadfast and resiliant. The events that took place in Punjab and outside of Punjab in the past years made it quite clear we are big players in the game which kept the world powers on edge. It started off with the drug pandemic in Punjab, to the uproar by Bhai Amritpal Singh to the Farmer's protest. Outside of Punjab the deaths of Avtar Singh Khanda (UK) and Hardeep Singh Nijjar (Canada) created a stir within our community. This was probably our first real opportunity to establish something but how quickly members of our own community forget history. We have been a threat to civilization in the past and this is probably what the world powers are concerned about. However, may we continue grow and learn through Gurbani and like Jaswant Singh Khalra said: 'May the spirit of equal rights Punjab continue to kindle'. 
    • This is why people used to get married earlier in puratan times. Think about it, nowadays you legit have to be brahmacharya at ages when you're supposed to be married and producing children, which historically speaking, is unprecedented outside of the Sants in Indic tradition. 
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