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Who makes it to Sachkhand?

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17 hours ago, harsharan000 said:

Who makes it to Sachkhand?

To this wonderful question, Fifth Patshahee Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj, gives us a still wonderful answer: 

Avar Karathooth Sagalee Jam Ddaanai ||
All other efforts are punished by the Messenger of Death,

Govindh Bhajan Bin Thil Nehee Maanai ||
Which accepts nothing at all, except meditation on the Lord of the Universe.

Sukhmani Sahib  Sree Guru Arjun Dev  Maharaj.


Though Guru Jee is very very  clear in His paviter Bani, but if there is still any clarification needed, it could be well said, that, only those who do "Govindh Bhajan" as seen in His own words above, means to meditate on Him, only they, make way and reach Sach Khand.


Sat Sree Akal.



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