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Definition Of The Word "babbar"

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In India the term 'sher' was used for defining both lion and tiger. In order to distinguish lion from tiger 'babbar' was added to 'sher' for defining Lion. making it 'Babbar Sher'. Babbar Sher is Lion and Sher is Tiger. However Sher can also be used for Lion but Babbar Sher can be only used for Lion. Babbar is also used for ferocious guard dogs. Mainly Babbar is used for heavy mane of hair & ferociousness, hallmark of the Lion and the Singh, visible from miles!

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1 hour ago, Prabh108 said:

        Wall of text

free Jaggi Johal.

no more postings until all prisoners r set free

every creature deserves a 2nd chance a fair chance

 Babbar has a link to Hathi Elephant 

As Antisikh  Kerala centric blogger never ceases to stop reminding his dear desbhakt who at the drop of a hat r  ready to do anything for their Watan, Bharat Varsh, Elephant passes the mirror test. A group of Elephants also are called cows, baby elephants r known as cows I think.

in Hollywood fake romcom forgettable garbage one Dustni casually speaks of Elephant electrution, it was on the electronic jew, dursdarshan, tv in every horrid condemnable Hollywood movie, in good faith we can’t call anything from Hollywood a film, there is something derogatory about dharmic life. of course essence of a Dharm is days kindness to creatures.

the fault is my own. I actually am forbidden from viewing cinema by parents. Why did I not do simran during all the hours of tv and worthless movies 

proud I never saw Star Wars leave it to anglojew to turn the starry sky into a space for future holocausts,

proud I know nothing about game of thrones

Elephant possesses fine visual acuity so as to see own reflection.

The most famous Elephant of all time is Gaj.

Elephant trunk nose of man indicative of ego in physiognomy and reading of character thru face. One Roman aphorism states that in the few inches of man ‘ s we see record of all his forefathers and foremothers.

There is a Western USA I think children’s animated program of Babbar the Elephant but, of, course, mispronunciations he Name.

And I am certain there is some sort of connection to Arabia. Arabians known as

Aravasthan peoples.

Now there is also the concept of White Elephant and Siam Thailand.

Jyotish and cultural astronomy, that is to say, astrology is the biggest White Elephant to 

ever exist.  Time waste not time pass but time squander.

it would be better to feed the enemies of Zpanth than study astrology even if for health reasons. 

Just kidding. Astrology is better than feeding white or brown liberals. Langar is for Gursikh and Mahapurakh. Why I hate nonSikh is due to unforgivable atrocity of Char Sahibzade, And no recognition of Khalistan, plus Jallianwala Bagh, plus Namdhari GauMata Shahid and 1947 vivisection of Aryavarthasthan and last but none least, Hamla upon AkalTakth and all other Gurdwara dotting all regions of Beloved BharatVarsh, deliberate desertification of a panjab, this most sacred sweet Patch of Satguru’s Pavitar Dharti and fake genocidal tortures, separation of undivided joint family unit, technically known as Joint Hindu Family, inflicting the most excruciating form of all tortures imaginable and then some, and then labelling us as violent unhinged terrorists, what else, oh yes, microaggressions, we must know our place we are brown even though some of us more Aryan than they could ever be regardless of number of incarnations - we must know our place. Etc.

then we still keep imparting Gyan to all, our daughters r and sons can never b married must keep our demographic low, preferably zero. Self deprecating south Asian’s Mosley’s xtianity negros in panjab and wherever v make our home, plus Smellians. But we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings be polite 

pour gyan is supernal sublime divine 

nectar is not for our sworn enemies but for us, our Panth, our tribal blood bonds of alliances from countless shared incarnations. I am not afraid when i am surrounded by our peoples on our sweet scenic path to God, actual God.

when born sinner of xtianity inquires which God i “believe” and worship I will retort which holocaust do u obsess over, Hinduholocaust, Sikh Holocaust. Ukrainian Holocaust or some future holocaust still being thought up be Anglojew.  

As far as I’m concerned Khalistan exists now as declaration of sovereignty was April 23, 1986. Plus Parliament of Great Britain recognizes Sikh Nation as a sovereign Nation. Anand Karaj is recognized by India, England, Pakistania.

not bad. 

I wont rest ‘til Nishan Sahib flies over Lal Quila Red Fort, Dilli aka Delhi

mispronunciation of Delhi dil is heart, by liberal hippie whites makes me wish to dispatch all non Sikh from face of planet permanently.


I see governments who torture unworthy of recognition 

and human beings who support torture r my eternal enemy

Raja Janak us an emptier of all Hells.

me too: down with kakocrats and kakocracy.

if Jaggi Johal is being tortured,there will be consequences. 

f. The anglojew

your cut paste job is charming but totally nonrelevant  Babar is a storybook written for children nothing to do with elephants IRL or the word Babbar which is associated with Lion .

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On 1/6/2010 at 8:00 PM, HeatSikhingMissile said:

Does anyone know what the literal english translation of this word is?

sher is tiger, but Babbar Sher is actually lion  as far as my folks taught me as a kid

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15 minutes ago, chatanga1 said:

Both "sher" and "babbar" are persian words.

IN persian "Sher" is a lion.

"Babbar" is a tiger.

but Punjabis reversed the usage ...

ਸਿੰਘ سنگھ Singh : Lion

ਸ਼ੀਂਹ shee(n) شیہں : Lion

ਬਾਘ باگھ Bagh : Tiger

And in Classical Lost Punjabi,

ਸਾਰਦੂਲ ساردول Saardul : Lion or Tiger.

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On 6/7/2019 at 6:12 PM, jkvlondon said:

but Punjabis reversed the usage ...

ਸਿੰਘ سنگھ Singh : Lion

ਸ਼ੀਂਹ shee(n) شیہں : Lion

ਬਾਘ باگھ Bagh : Tiger

And in Classical Lost Punjabi,

ਸਾਰਦੂਲ ساردول Saardul : Lion or Tiger.

Saardul I don't know the origins of but the others above are Hindi/Sanskrit/Braj words. It would be interesting to know more about Sardool.

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Speaking to The Indian Express over phone, Haider Khan, assistant commissioner of Nowshera Virkan said, “We recently got all encroachments removed from the tomb of Maha Singh. Now a proposal has been sent for site’s restoration and conservation. The tomb was illegally occupied and some people had converted it into a godown for storing paint drums, chemicals etc which have been removed now.”  The tomb of Maha Singh, father of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, in Gujranwala of Pakistan is in a deplorable state. The structure is now encroached from all sides. (Express photo) “Along with Maha Singh’s tomb, there is a beautiful Baradari (a structure having twelve gates) also from Ranjit Singh’s period and it was all a part of Sherenwalla Bagh. The Baradari still has beautiful intricate peacocks etc carved in its interiors. A madrasa functions from the ancestral haveli of Nalwa,” added Haider Khan, who traces his lineage to royal family of Bahadurgarh, now in Jhajjar of Haryana. A preliminary observation note prepared by DC Gujranwala and assistant commissioner Nowshera Vikran, reads: “The Sheranwala Bagh has a ‘Barra Darri’ (12 sides open structure) in the middle of the garden. The garden was linked to the Samadhi of Maha Singh, which has been illegally encroached upon by land grabbing mafia. A government school has also been built on the land of already deteriorating samadhi thus posing threat to the structure and to the pupils of the school. To add insult to the injury, some land grabbers have been using this place as a godown for stocking oil barrels and chemicals related to paints. Inside of samadhi there are beautiful paintings engraved on the walls. Due to misuse by the land grabbers, those have been damaged and now require restoration. The Deputy Commissioner Gujranwala stressed that all these sites have an immense potential for Religious Tourism / Sikh Religious/ Cultural Tourism and can yield a lot of revenue for government. Forgoing in view, it has been decided that all these structures may be taken up for immediate restoration / rehabilitation by Lahore Walled City Authority (LWCA) and a committee comprising member of LWCA, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETBP), district administration may be notified for the said purpose and funds and expertise may also be requested from government of Punjab”.  Roots of trees shooting from walls of tomb of Maha Singh. (Express photo) After the field visits of six heritage sites in Gujranwala, a fresh “Note for Information and Approval for Chief Secretary Punjab” was also written by the DC on December 21, 2019. “Smadhi Maha Singh Ji (father of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Ji) – This structure was in deplorable condition. This beautiful massive structure has been encroached upon by a government girls’ school and many residential buildings. There was water well also situated next to the Smadhi, which was built by Maharaja, the well was used for watering the garden. Now the school administration has closed the well. The passage to Smadhi from Sheran Walla Bagh has been closed after the building of the school. Now the passage to Smadhi is from the main bazaar. The condition of the Smadhi was not good. The floor was filled with the paint chemicals, used oil boxes, empty cartons and oil drums etc. Paint was splashed on the walls. The roof is covered with trees, bush and shrubs etc and the roots of these have made their way into the ceiling and walls. The load of trees have caused the roof to bend downwards, it is feared that the roof of the varanda may cave in, if restoration work is not initiated in time. Upon seeing this situation, I have ordered immediate removal of all encroachers and materials from the premises of Smadhi Maha Singh,” a portion of the note reads.  Damaged interiors of the tomb have been turned into a godown illegally. (Express photo) About the Baradari and Sheranwala Bagh, the note further adds, “The Sheran Walla Bagh was constructed and developed by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. In the garden, there is a 12-darri (12-sided open structure) with painted walls of Sikh era and presence of peacock painting is on every wall. Unfortunately, the garden has shrunk to a few Kanals as illegal encroachments have been done by various quarters of the society. Over the years this place has become hub of drug addicts and gamblers. The “Akharas” i.e. wrestling arenas have disappeared due to encroachments”. The note concludes by urging the chief secretary to grant funds for restoration works of heritage sites. “If a small amount of budget is allocated for the preservation and rehabilitation of the historical structures, we can not only save our heritage but can also earn a lot of foreign exchange from Sikh community living abroad,” it reads. “We have got all encroachments removed from Maha Singh’s samadhi. Now, once chief secretary gives his approval and funds are allocated, restoration work will start,” said Haider Khan. The five other heritage sites in Gujranwala proposed for restoration include: Jain Mandir, Mandir Atma Ram ji (Samadhi Charat Singh), Sheran Wala Bagh, Haveli and birthplace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Mandir Bahampr-e-walla.   For all the latest Pakistan News, download Indian Express App  
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