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Puraatan Kachere

Guest shastr

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khalsa ji, i was wondering who makes some nice puraatan kachere in punjab?? the ones who use the original kachera kapra, i forget wat its called, and they go past ur knees. anybody know where to get some of these made? im thinking nihang singh dals? if anybody knows who makes nice kachere's in punjab, it would be highly appreciated.

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The front part of the opening of the kachera should dip just onto the knee, whilst the back should not go past the khuchh of the knee, never past the knee as it restricts movement like chatanga stated. I normally get mine made in Phagwara.

Do you recall the name of the shop in Phagwara?

Also, on a related topic, where can you get good quality Cholay (Taksali and Nihang) and gatray made from?

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ive never heard of kasheras going past knees. if they did they would be more restricitve in movement and a problem in jang.

The other reason why it shouldn't go below the knee is that it then becomes a salwaar - a pathani/ muslim trouser. About half way down (or just a bit more than half way) the knee cap is ideal.

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It's pretty clear that it's not about what we wear on the outside but about the mind. Bani clearly says this. But Bani also tell us if you want to play the game of love, then come to me with your head on the palm of your hand. This means when Guru ji tells us that we must keep kachera ang sang as one of the kakaars, our only appropriate response is sat bachan. Gurbani also tells us that through our own efforts we can never succeed, ultimately it is with Guru ji's grace that we can succeed. It's quite clear that those who obey the Guru's teachings, those who come to Him with their head on the palm of their hands, will be in a far better position to receive that grace.


Anybody know any place to get proper kachera made near Jagroan? or Ludhiana?

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Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

do you know if anyone has posted the cutting and sewing instruction on youtube for these kachherey as I can sew rav rectangular ones from scratch but I need to learn this style to be able to make and teach next generation of my family (my Mum taught me when I was a young teenager). I would love to teach these to my boys and girl.

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