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Help With Rehat Maryada In General

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Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki fateh

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I only came across this site whilst searching for something completely random but having gone through some of the posts and reading the knowledge on here..All I can say is..many thanks to everyone for sharing!! Even to those that have started/added controversial threads and comments, gives us all a chance to learn smile.gif May Maharaj have kirpa on this forum.

A humble Benti to sangat is that I need clarification on a few things regarding maryada, these may have been covered in earlier posts so I apologise in advance if they have.

1- Maryada of kes(hair) at night time - Is hukam that we cover our kes whilst sleeping aswel(with kanga attached) ? and if so, does it have to be a keski or a smaller dhumalla. I assume other forms of cover i.e Patka, Parna/saafa are not allowed?

2- When we do kesi ishnaan, I have heard we dont eat or drink or wear shoes until the 'kes harey hogaye' (no longer wet)?

3- During kesi ishnaan (with body), what does one who with their kanga kakkaar? unless we wash our hair seperately from washing our shareer?

4- Are any of the above rules more relaxed around mum/dad/siblings?

5- What does one do with kes that have fallen whilst kesi ishnaan (some ppl might actualy lose alot whilst washing)? Do we burn them? Same goes for singhs dhara? what do we do with the beard hair?

6- Is hukam that we tie our dhumalla sitting? or are we allowed to stand and tie it?

Once again many apologies to the sangat if these have already been answered in other threads.

Bhul chuk maaf.

Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh.

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There is only one Rehat and thats the Rehat God has told us to follow through SatGuru which is leave our own MATT - Mind, Wisdom aside and surrender completely with body, mind and wealth to the Guru.

Surrender with Body means, Giving your body to serve others, Doing Naam Simran, Seva etc, Mind to completely obey the words of the Guru and live according to Guru's wisdom, and 10% of your earnings to the Guru or poor person/charity.

Thats the only Rehat, anyone that does goes into Puran Bandgi - Complete Slavery to Akal Purakh and When God is satisifed and the bhagat passes all the test is accepted in God's Dargah and enters Sach Khand and then achieves the Goal of this huma life - manukha jeevan - Jivan Mukti - God Realisation, Parmaatma dee Paraapti.

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