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As you may have known, Daas has made his website (more of a blog) in support of Subaig Singh: First Keshdhari Singh in MMA.

And as he is the first keshdhari Singh in MMA, he deserves our support, and this website: http://www.subaigsinghsupport.blogspot.com/

I think is not suitable for support of Subaig Singh, as it is not appealing to the youth, so Subaig Singh can be a role model for some youth with cut hair, so they can feel to keep their kesh is cool (im not saying kesh are not cool, but more attractive for the patit sikhs).

Could anyone please give me a link to some cheap website plan, with joomla hosted? with you can pay with paypal...


Thanks in advance.

Sorry for wasting your time if this post had no revalance to you. (y)

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with most/all hosts that provide unlimited, there is always fine print. basically, you get unlimited storage for the websites that you are using, within reason. they will probably not be very happy if you start backing up all your computer hard drives onto the site for example.

realistically, i dont think it should make a difference for you. how much stuff will you possibly host on your site? you may have videos etc. but its not as if you are going to run a site that serves tons of video/audio such as keertan.org or other websites that have gurbani and katha files.

justhost.com should be more than suitable.

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