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    • Hanji, the facts aren't even hidden. It's all in plain sight. It's quite fascinating how a disproportionately small group has held sway over the majority of human history. That's not divine patronage; it's entirely the fruits of their cunning and enterprise.  
    • JWs are perpetually upset at non-christians keeping their faith , especially sikhs because our belief in Ik Onkar they find hard to work around , since ultimately they are arguing for a diminishment of our concept of Akal Purakh to that of their Abrahamic God .
    • Bro , When Bhai Mardana asked Guru ji how to become a sikh , first hukam was not to cut hair ... That same hukam was kept by All Guru Sahiban . Living in Hukam includes keeping roop with rom . Accepting reality and not self-deluding oneself is a big part of sikhi thought. Unfortunately, we have all become guilty of dropping the pearls and jewels of Guru ji's wisdom for the cut glass beads of worldly knowledge .
    • so you would drag your King of Kings from the shaan of  his Darbar to be set up on the sand with the flies, pollution , people walking about  and noise for your own ego driven photogenic wedding ? How is that even putting Guru ji in the centre of your life? This is just making a mockery of Anand Karaj, - we beg Guru ji to take us into his Protection as we are nothing and yet doing this is NOT a show of hypocrisy ?
    • you could also add the millions killed under the bolsheviks and Marxism  Holdomor was so horrific that people ate the children to try and survive .... Russian jewish population 1.5 % but over 10% representation in Bolshevik revolution also high representation in upper command roles.

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