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12Hour Sukhmani Sahib Jaap & Youth Monthly Keertan

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Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

With Guru Ji's apaar kirpa on Saturday 6th March 2010 there will be the youth monthly keertan.

Saturday 6th March 2010

7pm - midnight

Please take time out and come and join sangat this Saturday. Benti for sangat to try and sit through as much of the keertan as possible. Guru Sahib has blessed us with this chance so please attend and bring as many people as you can with you.

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Coventry

Cross Road



shs Kty lK kau auiT DwvY ]

sehas khattae lakh ko out(h) dhhaavai ||

Earning a thousand, he runs after a hundred thousand.

iqRpiq n AwvY mwieAw pwCY pwvY ]

thripath n aavai maaeiaa paashhai paavai ||

Satisfaction is not obtained by chasing after Maya.

Aink Bog ibiKAw ky krY ]

anik bhog bikhiaa kae karai ||

He may enjoy all sorts of corrupt pleasures

nh iqRpqwvY Kip Kip mrY ]

neh thripathaavai khap khap marai ||

but he is still not satisfied; he indulges again and again, wearing himself out, until he dies.

ibnw sMqoK nhI koaU rwjY ]

binaa sa(n)thokh nehee kooo raajai ||

Without contentment, no one is satisfied.

supn mnorQ ibRQy sB kwjY ]

supan manorathh brithhae sabh kaajai ||

Like the objects in a dream, all his efforts are in vain.

nwm rMig srb suKu hoie ]

naam ra(n)g sarab sukh hoe ||

Through the love of the Naam, all peace is obtained.

bfBwgI iksY prwpiq hoie ]

baddabhaagee kisai paraapath hoe ||

Only a few obtain this, by great good fortune.

krn krwvn Awpy Awip ]

karan karaavan aapae aap ||

He Himself is Himself the Cause of causes.

sdw sdw nwnk hir jwip ]5]

sadhaa sadhaa naanak har jaap ||5||

Forever and ever, O Nanak, chant the Lord's Name. ||5||

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    • Lol. Way to be late to the party there Ravi. 
    • The liberal mafia attacking Amaan Baali because he committed the ultimate sin of standing up for the Sikh community in Kashmir and told the truth of the grooming of Sikh girls. Let's look at the background of these liberals who are now attacking Amaan. Monica Gill - failed model latched on to the Farmers agitation in order to gain more exposure and credibility. On the grooming of the Sikh girls in Kashmir she was solidly on the side of the paedophiles. She promoted the Quint narrative that the Sikh girl was an adult even when the paedophile admitted that he had started to target her when she was 12/13. Her sister apparently 'researched' the grooming of Sikh girls in Kashmir and found 'no evidence'!  Ravi Singh KA - we all know about him and his liberal agenda and his main focus on using the Panth's money to help our enemies and gain him a Nobel prize.  This Angadh Singh Khalsa guy - another liberal mupp.et using the Sikh identity to further the cause of the Jihadis. here's an article about him- his main claim to fame- being a dhimmi and helping in the Kashmiri plan to turn Kashmir into an Islamic state like Afghanistan. What could possibly go wrong for Kashmiri Sikhs when that happens? His views on the grooming of Sikhs - he is 'nuanced'! How Kashmir's Fraught Political Journey Led a Young Sikh Man Into Activism (thewire.in) You can judge the value of a person to the Panth by knowing the background of the people  who are attacking him.       
    • Is that Surrinder Shinda in the video?
    • There is a new Muslim bhangra singer from UK called Raf Saperra. Not only has he made a music video where he is lusting after and flirting with a Sikh girl who has a prominently displayed kada, but the song has been produced by so called Sikh Sukhshinder Shinda and the background of the video is full of so called Sikhs wearing kaday, egging on the Muslim singer to flirt with the Sikh girl and sing about her lustfully. Astonishingly there is an old Baba with a long white dhari and white dastaar in the video as well.  I have not seen one comment on the YouTube page that is concerned about this. I have also noticed that as part of his image in general this singer has avoided highlighting he is a Muslim, only reluctantly alluding to being from West Pakistan during an interview when asked.  Instead our so called Sikh people are all backing him up and featuring in his videos wearing huge kaday while holding alcohol bottles. There is a blurring of lines here with regards to identity which is normally used by this group to take advantage of our people. Our own people are stupidly helping this cause.   There are a few of his bhangra videos which also feature smoking (Muslim Pakistani  culture) which will probably confuse Apne thickos into thinking this is now a normal part of our own culture. They are making bhangra videos without making it clear they are Muslims and subtly putting their own culture into it. What has happened to these people's zameer?   This is the video.       
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