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    • Although I feel deep down we all expected this from Muslims and shouldn't feel surprised. But  because of my interactions with Muslims I still  give them benefit of doubt hoping that since this is the 21st century they might have also updated to this century from their mid evil period mindset. But I was wrong seeing them do this to the Hagia Sophia. It's just the sheer hypocrisy that is really shocking. On one hand they lament and cry as victims over Hindus building the Ram Mandir and Jews occupying Jerusalem and Temple Mount but shamelessly feel no qualm by turning Hagia Sophia into a Mosque.  No one is a victim here. It's just Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains(ਜਿਸਕੀ ਲਾਠੀ ਉਸਕੀ ਭੈਂਸ) type of mindset at work here.  When Muslims were strong enough they destroyed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, turned Hagia Sophia into a a mosque. When other groups are strong enough they take it back and the Muslims play the victim card.
    • might as well do a bank transfer to the grooms household  without the wedding  , its all business transactions . How about making the parents and the couple sign legal documents that state no money/goods  was demanded or transferred between parties and if they divorce within ten years then both families have to give daswand of all income for rest of life . Wonder how many would still want anand Karaj.
    • Sant baba johhny singh ji di jay!
    • Agreed. I have seen many small kids in the local gurudwara taking amrit, idk why but it doesnt feel right. In their teenage it will be extemely hard for them. I did so much dumb stuff in the past 2 years that if i had taken amrit i would have broken it. I feel kids should only take amrit once they are 16 or 17 plus. Before that will not be worth it, and sikhi will be a burden on the persons head. Furthermore, the nice thing I have seen with some moneh folks is that they raise their kids as keshadharis (not all but some i personally know)
    • they have been made that way by the iron vice like grip on adult roles by the bazurg . looking at forty year olds and saying halle niaana hai is totally bizarre especially given in our history kids were expected to be responsible , ready to protect their families in the absence of their fathers and male relatives , women were expected to know gurbani and teach to kids . The haumai of the elderly and the spoilt narcissism of the middle aged means the youth are also doomed to drag the standard even lower.
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