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    • Overall it’s about respecting the 5ks (as a gift from the Guru). So think we should try keep them in best condition we can
    • Years ago when i was a teenager we went to a wedding in Birmingham, it was my cousins husbands side of the families wedding, i went Birmingham with them but stayed at my other cousins house while my my parents and sister went to the wedding. And as usual when they came back i asked them how was it, and they said the brides mum fainted at the Gurdwara because she was up all night getting her hair and makeup done so she didn't get any sleep!  just fell flat at the Gurdwara, so they dragged her to the side by the legs to get her out of the way. If the mothers are doing this themselves then what hope do the daughters have? Wheres the Sikhi in all of this? What did they understand from the ceremony?  as for the old bird being dragged by her legs like a dead goat it must of been embarrassing when she woke up i'd imagine. There's a lot of mutton dressed as lamb at Punjabi events these days. No amount of slap is gnna cover that earthquake. 
    • Although I feel deep down we all expected this from Muslims and shouldn't feel surprised. But  because of my interactions with Muslims I still  give them benefit of doubt hoping that since this is the 21st century they might have also updated to this century from their mid evil period mindset. But I was wrong seeing them do this to the Hagia Sophia. It's just the sheer hypocrisy that is really shocking. On one hand they lament and cry as victims over Hindus building the Ram Mandir and Jews occupying Jerusalem and Temple Mount but shamelessly feel no qualm by turning Hagia Sophia into a Mosque.  No one is a victim here. It's just Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains(ਜਿਸਕੀ ਲਾਠੀ ਉਸਕੀ ਭੈਂਸ) type of mindset at work here.  When Muslims were strong enough they destroyed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, turned Hagia Sophia into a a mosque. When other groups are strong enough they take it back and the Muslims play the victim card.
    • might as well do a bank transfer to the grooms household  without the wedding  , its all business transactions . How about making the parents and the couple sign legal documents that state no money/goods  was demanded or transferred between parties and if they divorce within ten years then both families have to give daswand of all income for rest of life . Wonder how many would still want anand Karaj.
    • Sant baba johhny singh ji di jay!
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