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    • Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh   Khalsa ji, Dhan Dhan BrahamGiani Pooran Mahapurak Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Never ever lied. If they said it then and you beileved it or chose to stay quiet. why all of a sudden the change?  Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji were 80!! when they got the message of incoming invasion. So is sant ji is under 80 then why would it be too late? also if it was lets say sant ji was 100 then your argument would make sense. instead now just based of the past, they still have time to come.    Thanks, bhul chuk maaf karna ji    
    • In the end, the volatile nature of the region and the demographics means that it will NEVER be any sort of stronghold/safe haven for Sikhs compared to other places across the border. But if the principle of safety in numbers and support networks have any truth, refugee Sikhs may well prefer these locations over others. Only rose tinted glasses wearers (of which there are MANY) would blindly consider the place as any sort of friendly safe haven, and experiences with paks in other nations (like the UK) give a strong indication of how we are perceived by many from the region.  We've got a problem with simple-mindedness and gullibility, but hopefully people will learn not to be victims of this.  Right now, for economic reasons (and maybe political ones too?), it serves p'stan to open up these places. It's on our people to make the most of this and implement whatever security measures are appropriate. Having ears and eyes in the region isn't a bad thing either. Yes, things can change suddenly and quickly, say if some hard-line cleric gets in power. Much like the shift from Akhbar to his son Jahunghira. Events in India like attacks on mosques outside of Punjab can also cause a sudden change too. This happened in Afghanistan with the attack on the Babri mosque for example.  If nothing else it can serve as a point for Afghan-pak Sikhs to get closer to the majority panth in Panjab proper.  
    • Not sure whether the displays of affection and respect towards sikhs by the pakistani Punjabi people are authentic reflection of what lies in their hearts. Because if it were the case, surely Sikh population in pak wouldn't have dwindled to what it is today OR perhaps and this could be the case that only the Punjabi speaking Pakistanis of Punjab province find likeness in sikhs across the border because of similar language and to a degree culture, and the apparently sweet memories of Maharaja Ranjit Singhs just rule . I suspect it's mostly the Urdu speaking, deobandi affiliated crowd of pak that creates most islamist problems in both India and pak.  Whatever maybe the case Lahore has always fascinated me because of its irreplaceable place in Sikh history. It's a place both loved and hated by sikhs because of obvious historical reasons. 
    • Awesome post!   This one is especially great in details of a class environment. Look at the bottom left corner here. The kid in yellow appears to be smacking up the other one for breaking his water bucket. lol! Then on the right corner another kid appears to be punishing a classmate with the old kukkar move.  Are the ones in the middle are making pens (or kalams)? 
    • I remember something appearing on the market that was supposed to have been from the library a few years back. Can't remember much about it though.   As for what has been returned (as per claims), hasn't the SGPC learnt its lessons yet and digitised them and made people aware of what we have?   Why do these people sit on these things and not inform the panth of what we have? I know the average illiterate/semi-illiterate apna wouldn't be interested but lots of us would, including (if not especially) in the diaspora. 

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