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Arguing With A Muslim

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Basically there is a Muslim guy in my collage and we started talking about each other’s history, and I told him about what the Muslims have done to Sikhs, such as what happened to Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Bhai Taru Singh Ji, The Sahibzade and how we gave our heads, and them cutting babies and making the mothers were them.

and he started going "Muslims aren’t allowed to do that..."

and we started ARGUING BADLY!

So now he wants evidence that Muslims have done this. And he goes give dates, and were it is written down and why it happened. and that where I need your help.


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All of the below are from the book 'sicques tigers or thieves' by amandep madra and parmjit singh

there is an eyewitness account by a jesuit priest (Father jerome xavier) of Guru Arjan Dev Ji's shaheedi

Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji's shaheedi- 'The jats pathans, and sikhs, 1768' by Xavier Wendel- about Guru ji choosing to give his life over converting to Islam

account of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji's shaheedi and the inhumane treatment of the sikh prisoners of war -'Madras Diary and Consultation Book', 1715-1719

ill try and get more later

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All religions are best in their own Faith and Belief. Muslims have been taught right from the Begnning that who so ever is not MUSLIM is Kaafir.

Therefore Muslims are proud of their History and We are proud of Our History.

The way they convince Non Muslim to convert to Muslim. We shud also do the same

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These guys are brainwashed and more significantly dishonest man. Arguing with them is like banging your head against a brick wall. Coz they won't accept no logic. To them quran is the only logic. The best way to shut em up is to question about Muhammad's life and his wives. Him marrying a 4 yr old and indulging in child sex and then also his marriage with Safiyah the 18 yr old jewish girl whose family he murdered and had sex with her the same night. Combine these facts and question him if such a person can truly be a role model for humanity? Go to sites like www.faithfreedom.org and wikiislam. You gotto know enough before you debate. Also question about heaven 72 virigns and stuff and y muhammad had arond 10 wives wheres muslims are allowed 'only' 4 each.

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just kindly remind him of the fact that the king of the middle east during the 10th century had all the Qurans burnt, as they went against his ideology of what is halal and what is haram (including forceful conversions). He has the Qurans rewritten to his own accord and had these fakes WIDELY distributed to all muslims. So he may worship the Quran, but its a fake Quran.

...just a little known fact...

72 virigns

originally it was 72 grapes. but over time the two words sounding akin, turned grapes into virgins.

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our history wasnt about muslim vs. sikh. it was about sikh opposing tyranny in any form. problem is history is often full of biased accounts written by victors (the tyrants). i doubt he would accept accounts of history written by non-muslims whereas the rulers would obviously write that they were peace-loving.

first sikh shaheed is Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj. Despite being trusted friend of his father, Emporer Jahangir states in his autobiography Tuzak-e-Jahangiri that he made no investigation of any allegations and simply passed the Guru to Murtza Khan for execution under the law of Yasa. Yasa is Turkish word meaning "kill slowly by torture". The law of Yasa was used by Changez Khan known all the world over as the cruelest person. This punishment was later given to Bhai Mani Singh who was hacked inch by inch on November 17, 1737. Bhai Taru Singh, Shahbaj Singh, Subeg Singh and many others suffered the same fate.

Emporer Aurangzeb was first ruler in history to attempt to impose Shariah Laws on non-islamic country & was one of main reasons the mughal raj collapsed. This meant Jizya tax was imposed on non-muslims, music was banned, temples demolished & people forcibly converted to islam which led to ninth Guru's martyrdom.

Put aside Sikhi and say just in his own family if Emporer Aurangzeb is indeed Alamgir & great muslim how can anyone justify according to islam imprisoning his father? having his elder brother beheaded & serving the severed head to his old aged father in a dish? killing another brother? if that is how he treated family how does he think this great ruler treated non-muslims?

http://www.aurangzeb.info/ has historical exhibits depecting the cruelty of his rule.

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Dear Sikh Shaster, I think you got your answer in your own post :

"and he started going "Muslims aren't allowed to do that..." "

Yes indeed Sikhs were killed, tormented and tortued by Muslims. But it was the mughal government that instigated it and was responsible for the persecution of Sikhs. Therefore any person employed by the government or who received benefits from the authorities killed Sikhs. Muslims, Hindus and yes even Sikhs betrayed their own brethren.

No religion rewards the killing of innocent people more so of babies. So I think the religious debates you have at college shouldn't be of my religion is better than yours. Sikhi states there is only one god.

"proud and big headed about what?

proud becasue he thinks he is the most religious and Islam is the only religion. And Big Headed because he thinks that I'm lying and he has won the conversation and that Muslims are the best.

Sikh guru's also had muslim companions, e.g. Bhai Mardana. Mian Mir laid the foundation at Harmandir Sahib.

You should discuss things that unite and bring communities together and not cause friction and hate amongst each other at college.

Also I don't think it is right to post messages which might sound offensive about prophet's of other faiths Babber Khalistani.

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ਮਿਲੈ ਅਸੰਤੁ ਮਸਟਿ ਕਰਿ ਰਹੀਐ ॥੧॥

मिलै असंतु मसटि करि रहीऐ ॥१॥

Milai asanṯ masat kar rahī▫ai. ||1||

Meeting with an unsaintly person, just remain silent. ||1||

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