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Harnam Singh Dhumma Getting Siropa From...

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

i agree with some of the views given here, i am not in favour nor against harnam singh, but i took this one step further to find out if this did happen but found out nothing of the sort did.

one thing i would like everyone to note is that what is a siropa? a siropa is guru ji's bakhshish given to the person receiving it. but receiving a siropa even off a enemy, in sri guru granth sahib's presence is still a siropa given from guru sahib to that person, the person giving it has only got the seva of handing the siropa from guru sahib to the person on the receiving end.

there are many up's and downs in the sikh qaum today, somebody mentioned before badal and co made changes to the calendar and harnam singh became friends with him again.

but the nanakshahi calendar issue i've seen with great detail, in 2003 when it was released at shiromani akali dal's stage from takhat sri damdama sahib, where were these people then? the dates we used from 1699 - 2003 were changed but the people making those changes never became rss nor government agents, but if sant samaj or taksal has been lobbying the sri akal takhat sahib since 2003 till now and have changes implemented then they become rss or government agents? if sants get together under one umbrella, they are called the sant union? if sants get together to make decisions for the benefit of the panth they become the enemy?

i am not a taksali nor in the sant ji shaheed or not arguement, however i do sympathise with taksal but what is saddening is that other people and other 'panthic' organisations, slander taksal and some people who call themselves taksali's slander it or its current acting leader or leader too. they dont realise the damage they're doing.

if you remember, shaheed darshan singh is was and forever will be respected, on the other hand his family filed a case against taksal and sant samaj saying these people had our singh killed.

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