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    • this is the thing how can we make sure that the other cultures get the true glimpse of gurbani to inspire investigation into learning further if the translations are not verified against gurbani, with working between scholars  and language experts ? I mean the english translation contains the wrong arth of sochi soch na hove , je sochi lakh vaar , just a first instance .  
    • it was a an obvious arranged thing , the guy was off his head and these women suddenly appeared and sidled up to him and their friend took the film . When someone anywhere is making progress in teaching youth about gurbani you will get such dramas 'come out'  if in India they can also just sweep in and place you in prison under false charges . The sign we should be taking is Gurbani and its vichar should be a must not a maybe and it should be shared as a priority. 
    • Look who's pointing fingers and you will find either Indian govt or bheki sikh parchariks trying to undermine the people doing True parchar, if Bhai Jagraj Singh didn't get ill and die , he would have been targetted also. SGPC doesn't like their vice-like grip on parchaar being undermined
    • I suppose you could say they're ignoring hukam, which would suggest there's a selective choosing and not choosing to follow whatever aligns with their pre-existing mentality. Picking and choosing is a slippery slope. But, to be fair, there have been souls in the past who have been advised not to enter the grisht lifestyle for myriad reasons. Unfortunately, this has been seized upon by contemporary calculating virtue signallers for their own vested interests, either because they're homosexual or they've decided they don't want to partake in the lifestyle of a householder because it's actually really difficult to be an effective husband and father. The ones who truly have chosen the bachelor (or spinster) path for spiritual reasons don't make a song and dance about it, and they certainly don't broadcast their intentions to garner admiration and praise for serving the Lord selflessly. That's just an act. Of course, it's all for naught if one professes to be single for God whilst j4cking off at every conceivable private moment. In that case, you may have fooled the people but God sees you, and he thinks you're a clown! 😀  
    • Look at the guy behind harinder, eyes shut as if hes listening to some deep philosophical discussion   
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