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    • there are rumors that punjabi Christians had a hand in the beadbi cases that happened a few years back  
    • The only reason why the Christians and Muslims are safe in Punjab is because Sikhs have have protected them from Hindus. That is why not one incident of anti Christian riots has occured in Punjab as it has occured all over Hindu India.    These Punjabi Christians are an ungrateful bunch. They attack Sikhs on social media and justify their targeting the Sikhs. Just look at how these rice bag converts all attacked kathakar Giani Jaswant Singh recently because he dared to call them out on their missionary activities.
    • punjab seems to be the new target for christian missionaries,  i think its becasue they started facing a lot of hostility in other parts of india, christian houses were robbed and churches vandalized, there r a lot of low key attacks on christians and churches in india,        punjab is a safer option for them 
    • He was a man of his times when such views were the norm. How is that any different from what you would find in the Bible or the Quran or even Jain and Buddhist scriptures?  A person should be judged by the moral values of their time period not by our modern standards and ethics. Using your line of thinking you can then go on to criticize almost anyone in history because they don't match our modern ethics and social norms.
    • they are making a mega church in jalandhar, gnna see a big number of conversions in the future. church is really wealthy and powerful and offers converts wealth and land  so that will draw a lot of people to it.  no sikhs have taken major action against this,  says a lot about sikh peoples attitude towards their faith doesn't it.  also when sikhs do convert the villagers dont actually disown them or excommunicate them   they continue socializing with them as normal     sikhi really isnt the priority for majority of the people there  so you wont see the common man responding to the spread of Christianity.  had christians built churches in varnasi and started converting people there then the hindus would of responded with a lot of hostility, perhaps murder.    just shows you the difference in attitude   
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