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Spiritual Fall In University

Guest guptsinghni

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I am starting University this year, Mahraj di kirpa nal i haven't commited sumthing with the opposite sex that i regret,, but as i get older it seems to get harder, Naturally we are attracted to the opposite sex, and the other thing is the environment at Uni, girls and guys hang out, go to eachothers places, they are way to open and personal, i just see so much room to fall,

I kno ppl have gone thru Uni and they have kept their high moral character, but i feel like kaam is being thrown in my face, and i am being tempted, Its scary i dont want my Preeti(Love) with Guru Sahib to break off and fall into mayas trap,

I dunno how many times iv been born and i obvously made a mistake thats why i am here again, i feel i have very low confidence,

But it Pisses me off nowadays when i guy trys gettin close to me, i wouldnt be a female dog about it, unless they really do sumthing stupid,

I hate it, Guys will say Fateh and they totally dont look at me like a sister, they say Bhanji but the look in their eyes is grose, I am not saying i can read minds, but i am very intuitive, so when i am in balance i am able to read ppl, Not all guys are bad

The thing is when u start hanging out with ppl at uni that hang out with guys u start to think its okay to flirt this that, im scared, i dont want to loose this life to this stupid crap

It's natural to be attracted to opposite gender, my advice would be find yourself a decent singh or singhs you can form a good solid friendship with. Eventually one you will see as a potential husband and him see you as a wife. No one likes to be single these days but if you keep yourself around good sangat and decent guys who dont have bad intentions and know you would not do any physical stuff before marriage then you would be on the right path. I know quite a few hijabi wearing muslim girls and even they have or want bf's though they tell me they always try to make sure the guy is a muslim, that he is potential husband type (family will agree if marriage is on cards) and they wont have sex before marriage.

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The general suggestion I can give is that stay focused wherever you are in life.

When at uni, your focus is to do your studies, excel in the subjects that matter to you and at the same time don't loose the focus of your this human life purpose.

If you keep these 2 things in mind while at uni, you should be fine.

Its all maya around us. The definition of Maya as I have understood is whatever keeps you away from GOD is maya. Whatever breaks that connection between you and the GOD in you, is maya.

Live in Maya, as Maya is created by GOD too, but stay aware of it and keep yourself above the Maya. Win over it, don't let Maya win over you.

More Maya you get bombarded with, better you learn how to deal with it and stronger you get.

If you close yourself in room and kinda just run away from Maya, that won't help you grow either. You will get bombarded by maya again in life and you won't know how to handle it then.

In my opinion, all kinds of situations that we go through, there is learning within them. our purpose is to learn and move on. Everyday we are developing, We are not today what we were yesterday and won't be tomorrow what we are today.

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Guest gurfateh singh

In my opinion all posts uptil mehtab singhs are very good, Not too sure about the post after singhs.(confused smiley would go well here)

just wanted to add to every1 and to pehla poster sister that chillll.(take a breath)..llllllll. kaam is worse when u worry about it. and sounds of it people on this thread worry a lot. this world is maharajs play! play in it with joy! good or bad is gods will, so chilllllllllll and let maharaj do what he wants! (chardi kalaa smiley). "dont worry, be happy" dhan dhan bob marley, had so much giaan.

i would recommend if u have an ipod or sumthing keep baani in ur ear like japji sahib or sumthing day and night 24/7. dnt worry aboiut not concenrating on it as long as it is there even if it is low, back of ur mind wil process it. sumtimes when u are not doing nyhting instead of thinking about things u dont need to u will isten to baani! how wonderful!! bhagat jaswant singh recommends this. (happy smiley)

try keeping high jeevan amrit vela etc. dont worry but try. not trying is death tun tun tun(dramatic indian movie)! (death smiley, if there is one)

and chandi di vaar mr singh, that was a crazily good idea. we need dasam baani to give us our khalsa character, and chandi di vaar, hehe too good.

daas stays in uni from 9-5ish every day.i socialise as much as i have to and do my work. seems to work for me i get 90%ages. just chillllllll dw bout uni its not the end of the world if u fail, ive had 0 in exams b4 aswel i should add. i had too many xams in one week yeah, so i was tired didnt get time to study for my last one. so i went in and wrote mool mantar for 2 hours, didnt work. lol. lecturer looks at me funny now lol.

ATTENTION! KNOWLEDGE OF KAAM:- mayb worth ur read kids, we need to understand our mind

http://www.archive.org/details/scienceofbreathc00ramaiala go to p 62 forming an aura u might like this sis about guys ditry eyes, but most importantly p 65 to use kaam energy for good.

bibia can be very pure souls. thats y u can see the dirt in guys eyes. every1 should read baani, i tel ppl many times watch out for him or her but brother and sister dont listen, if only they read more baani they would see 4 themselves, they regret after. if u leave baani u will stop noticing dirty eyes, among other things. i been though it. u dont realise what u have until its gone, then u know what its like to b a maya vala bandha.

anyway! back to the point! basically we have to eat to live duhhhhh. whenever we eat that energy is stored in lower chakras of the body for good reasons. but this causes us to get a bit too excited and kaam, which is a thing of the body, we have made a thing of the mind, that is not its purpose. it is useful to learn how to channel that energy p65 int that book ^^.

also keep good sangat or now u may be thinking this is bad. it wil slowly become wel its not so bad, then who cares do what u want just be careful, then do what u want, then u realise after time and regret.

akaal sahai

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Guest ur sistro

thanx gurfateh singh!

i feel there is a point Mahraj di kirpa nal when Maharaj Bal Bakhsedhey, this means we can talk to the oposite sex and look at them in the eye with 0 kaam feelings and be nirlep Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib ji!

Doing Dandaut to Maharaj is surrendering that i am a kaami kaljugi jeev save me from this trap, its all bout keeping a pure intention--dont speak if u dont need to, dont flirt, its grose

It kinda scares me (other ppls kaami thoughts) to tell u the truth, like teenagers are younger than me,, but their really awkward bout talking to girls and thier all giggly-- i only talk to em if i need to,

And i got sum older Brothers that are wikkid!! i just feel so lucky to have em in my life as a older brotherly figure for spiritual support,

And omg i am sooooo innocent, Maharaj made me rrealise this mistake, that just becuz i have brothers 7 years older than me doesnt mean their friends have the same avastha,

so i was too friendly to their fellow friend and it hit me after that i made him fall, hes a good singh, but u cant be too nice at first when u meet sumone cuz they could take it the wrong way,,

One time i was at a uni sangat gathering, n ppl shake hands so uhh, this one singh who i like to avoid cuzz he stares at girls alot, he shook my hand, and i felt his kaaminess just in his touch,, so i read that in the book u sent me of---- when the person with the evil desires is stronger----- the weaker one looses,, and i have felt like--how am i going to fight off these situations, but Maharaj di Mahan Kirpa nal i was blessed with innerstrength, I have confidence---when u have low self-esteem girls like havin guys after em actin like dogs

thanx again brothers and sisters

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