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Punjab Back On Route For Another 1984?

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i hope we can throw off the shackles of capitalist slavery and of indian fascism, however the problem is not with real hindus, but people who are hiding behind hinduism and using it as a front for their hateful political agenda. Khalistan would see the prosperity of all dharmic faiths not just Sikhi but also the hindus path and get rid of the new age fascist hinduism which plagues south asia.

our real enemy is the indian government and not the indian people they are just sheep who do as they are told but if they were educated and given freedom aswell fom the oppression of the indian government then their loyalty would soon switch to the righteous cause of Khalistan.

dismantle federal india and create a new alliance of all the south asian nations as they existed before the british turned us against each other. Khalsa Raj Khalistan in the north, Tamil Eelam in the south, maoist bengal in the east and then whatever states wish to exist in the south east around Goa. The nations should be distinct and autonomous but have a common interest in the prosperity of all the people living in south asia.

for now this is a realistic dream for now, the 21st century, but one day the entire universe will chant the Naam and call themselves Sikhs of the Guru.

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The person who slandered Sant Ji who was a very very holy man will no doubt suffer their idiotic comments. Back to the matter at hand Daljeet SIngh Bittu will be a lot stronger if he joins Akali Dal and doesnt try to scare the Bhaia in Punjab who will if given the chance join Sikhi and save generations of their families from the hell they are born into.

I feel house to house awareness is the way to go like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji said and when the movement gathers momentum and all parties are aligned then we march and remember the holocaust even in Delhi.

But the holocause should only be a small part of the march and more of it should be a celebration of our gurus our resistance and bravery in the face of tyrrany and the fact we are the strongest world force as warrior mystics that will strengthen the Sikhs more than constantly showing pictures that scare small children and women from fighting the Indian goverment.

Why is it we only see Bittu marching and never doing gurdwara seva or seva to help the poor or the widows of Delhi first he needs to prove his credibility as a puratan gursikh

Sant Jarnail Singh Jee spent many many years doing Katha and spreading the word of sikhism if these singhs want to be a voice for Khalistan they first need to Khalsa

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