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Nikki Haley Sells Out Her Sikh Faith To Get Ahead In American Politics


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It's important thread and issue because

1) american republican party plays on anti-non-white anti-non-christian views to get the votes

And bobby jahol and nikki have "converted" to appeal to the fascist racist right wing christian bible heart lands of America. One senator law maker even called her a "raghead" and thought it was a Sikh conspiracy to take over American politics? how bizarre lol

2) These people (like nikki) are a disgrace who use their faith to seek fame and riches and power to get ahead in the world, yet anyone who converts to Sikhism doesnt do so to get popularity but because they know the Sikh faith is humble and pure we do not lure people to our faith with wordly incentives.

The christian missionaries across the globe use the tactic of offering money and worldly rewards to get non-chrsistians to convert their are many cases in punjab this has been going on. One video in youtube you can see how a sardar converted because the Christian preacher was active in offering the guy financial help so he renounced sikhism cut his hair and beard and become a christian. Anyone is free to become what faith they want to but it shows the devious methods being employed to get people to convert, they only convert not out of conviction for the christian faith but for worldly rewards either financial or to try and get ahead in western society with a Christian name rather than fight the prejudice, bias and hatred that a sizable number of westerners have about non-white non-Christian people.

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When a Sikh is voted to any heights of power or are about to gain power have you noticed how these hindus jump all over it and try to defame them

The exact same thing happened in Southall with Mr Singh who stood for the conservatives even leicester MP's drove down to LOndon to defame his character to make sure he didnt get voted in

These Brahmin/Hindus are S******* themselves as even they now know its only a matter of time before loads of Sikhs stand for parliment then their days of manipulation are numbered

They continue to plant the bad seeds of their Karma which like I said before is spinning back round slowly but surely to slap them where it hurts

Its pathetic their attempt at defaming us so much so its actually laughable now that they think we havent noticed what will they try to do shut down the internet next to stop Sikhs

Get the message you idiots we will get our hijacked land back you commited a genocide on us like the nazis did the Jews we are just as determined as the Jews and believe or not just as intelligent if not moreso


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Do just one thing, look at her and ask yourself if you are looking at a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

does she look like a Khalsa sister? i thought not

are her promiscuous actions that of a khalsa warrior? guess again

does she represent Sikh Dharma or does she support a capitalistic and conservative political party which seeks to oppress human beings by subjecting them to slavery of the mind.

I have never met this woman but from what i have read and heard about her, i think she is many things but a Sikh of the Guru Granth Sahib is not one of them

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Trust me man if she knew what Sikhi was and truly know about Sikhi she would not say she was christian, she would not be a republican and she most definately would not be known for her promiscuity.

Sikhi is in your heart and is defined by her actions, you only need to look at her actions for 5 minutes and youl see that they are not the actions of a Daughter of Guru Gobind Singh ji, a Singhni, a Kaur.

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Here is a reason to be concerned about a person like this regardless of any other views she holds. It is a link to a youtube video put out by her. She is willing to go down in history as the 2010 version of the Ku Klux Klan to get political advantage. She is not stupid and knows exactly what she is doing....disgusting and shameful!!

Listen to her comments at the beginning and end about her efforts to bring in legislation that entirely matches that of Arizona! How can she look herself in the mirror? Face her parents or her children? Any personal issue with identity aside, her draconian endorsement of racial discrimination is alarming.

Now more than ever we need intelligent people around the world to be active in their communities and governments.

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There are only two 3 types of people in this world

a) Good


c) Neutral (Neither Bad, Nor Good).

Among these categories the category BAD/EVIL is the most dangerous and a person belonging to this category can be anyone whether SIKH, MUSLIM, HINDU or even CHRISTIAN.

Being a Sikh I know people like Paramjit Singh Sarna, the Head of DSGMC and working hard to safeguard interests of 1984 culprits. He is sitting on the top position of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Prabhandhar Committee but he is nothing more than a private dog of Corrupt Congress.

He has worked really really hard to stop the pensions of 1984 widows and did not allow AKHAND PATH to be organised in Delhi in the memory of more than 20,000 Sikhs who lost their Fathers, Childrens, Mothers, Grand-Mother in the 1984 CONGRESS GENOCIDE of SIKHS.

People like Sarna Gaddar presented SAROPA to both SAJJAN KUMAR and JAGDISH TYTLER.


WE SHOULD BE ONLY CONCERNED about Category B people and their heads needs to be crushed whether they belong to SIKH ( or Pretending as SIKH like SARNA), HINDU, MUSLIM or CHRISTIAN.

There are several hundred GADDAR SIKH Supporters of SARNA who are licking shoes of Shiela Dixit Day and Night just to stuff more money into their SWISS ACCOUNTS.


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