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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Hey everyone!

I've been really confused about the following shabad:

hm Avguix Bry eyku guxu nwhI AMimRqu Cwif ibKY ibKu KweI ]

ham avagun bharae eaek gun naahee a(n)mrith shhaadd bikhai bikh khaaee ||

I am overflowing with sins and demerits; I have no merits or virtues at all. I abandoned the Ambrosial Nectar, and I drank poison instead.

mwXw moh Brm pY BUly suq dwrw isau pRIiq lgweI ]

maayaa moh bharam pai bhoolae suth dhaaraa sio preeth lagaaee ||

I am attached to Maya, and deluded by doubt; I have fallen in love with my children and spouse.

ieku auqm pMQu suinE gur sMgiq iqh imlµq jm qRws imtweI ]

eik outham pa(n)thh suniou gur sa(n)gath thih mila(n)th jam thraas mittaaee ||

I have heard that the most exalted Path of all is the Sangat, the Guru's Congregation. Joining it, the fear of death is taken away.

iek Ardwis Bwt kIriq kI gur rwmdws rwKhu srxweI ]4]58]

eik aradhaas bhaatt keerath kee gur raamadhaas raakhahu saranaaee ||4||58||

Keerat the poet offers this one prayer: O Guru Raam Daas, save me! Take me into Your Sanctuary! ||4||58||

How do you love someone, but not to the point where you're emotionally attached to them?

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The Sufi's have spoken of two types of Love, Majaji (Worldly) and Haqiqi (Godly).

Love when it is woven with the strings of Attachment is call Moh.

Love when it is woven with the strings of Freedom is Divine.

As PJS spoke above, Learn to love others without expectations. Love them but don't hold them. Love them, but let them be free. Love them, but don't expect this love to be given back to you. Love them, but don't possess them. Love them as you would Love a flower in the Garden, enjoy its fragrance, but don't pluck it from its stem with the desire to posses it. Let it be free, Love is Freedom.

If Love invokes fear of someone leaving you, then know that it is not Love. True Love cannot flourish under expectations.

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Basically all love for other things is false even your family and friends etc because generally all love causes attachment. Also the main reason they are false is that the love will not last forever for e.g. when you die and if you go into your next janam you'll have forgotten them. The love for waheguru is only true as it will last forever.

As Guru Arjan Dev Ji says in gurbani:

Aad aant sadha sahai dhan hamara meeat

In the end is only you forever, your my only true friend/love

If you are attached to something that means you can never meet waheguru. Through simran, bani you will start to realise that waheguru is such a thing that he only wants you to love him and no one else, he wants you to have full faith in him and only him. You see gurbani is written in the female tone as a wife towards her husband waheguru. Currently apart from bram gianis we are all so called public wives we are running after all different types of maya and don't have true love for waheguru.

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waheguru ji

mahraj says jal moh kas mas kar mat kagad kar saar bhao kalam kar chit likhari gur puchai likh veechar likh naam salah likh ant na parawaaar

burn your moh and turn it in to ink

make your mat the paper

and make the pen of love and after asking the guru write this veechar

write the praise of the naam and write that the limits are unkown

so concentrate

moh = ink


ink goes into a pen to make it write

use your attachment to the creation to love the creator

see your mom and dad and siblings as gods creation

know that god is in all equally and most important

gurubani is our guru

paint your mind with gurbani

know the meanings

without a guru we will drown

we cant live without the guru this worlds evil will break our hearts and make us cold

we cant live without gurbani this worlds evil will break our hearts and make us cold

make sure ur kids siblinds parents are attached to gurbani and im only 20 but what idea i have is writre a letter t our loved ones who u have moh with

write it from parlok meaning if you were to die right now what you want to tell them

write naam jaap and u will be okay

and than hide a few copies of the letter and give sone to friends and truseted ppl (i plan to do that one of these days)

thn u will alwyas feel ready that after death u have ur say

but most of all gurbani and trust god

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gurfateh jio.

within the youth there exisits this apparant parradox. whether you feel prem or moh, or attachment or etc....

as far as it cas come to my understanding,

there are 4 terms.

1. moh

2. prem

3. piyar

4. preet

2 3 and 4 can be seen to mean the same thing, and moh (aka maya/ maya moh/ pankaj moh) os a seperate thing.

we are always told to love god and ppl, but what is this and how are we supposed to go about it?... this is the main question...

at this point id like to make a statment which i hold to be true about sikhi and everything else...

>> if somthing is true and right, it does not matter how deep we go into it, it will always be right. the same stands for badness...

threfore, if somthing is needed to have a boundry/ is only correct up to a certian level, it must mean that it is not the way. (this in effect goes so far as to say that those that say that its ok to indulge into the 5 chor kaam krodh... etc.. but only up to a level, i.e. to procreate or in battle, they are wrong because they have a different definition/outlook on certian things like the 5 chor.) neway.

we are only indulging into the wrong thing if we need to say that we can only do xyz up to a certian level. guru and sat are infinite and beyant.

sat is forever and infinite, we get to sat through prem piyaar and preet (of bani seva and naam). and we are told to love all. this means (quite obvously), that there exists only 1 form of true love for everyone (hence sarbat da bhalla) /and for god and for ourselves, and for all of humanity and all living things.. so if theres only one form of true love, then we need to findout how to access this, and then exercise it within ourselves first, so then we may find this purity love (pure love) within all others and then... become a hippy and... spread the lurrrve!!. even husband/ wife etc...

so once we find this love, we have found ourselves on the pathway for the means to an end. i.e. the infinite. (if u dont understand this bit, it doesnt matter)

i used to ask my gora mates and my other friends hu were in a relationship that what do u think is this true love?... they all gave their answers. but, as far as i understand, which isnt even anything..., i didnt think that all their answers did purity love justice.

how i would describe pure love, is the love that a father/mother feels for his/her children and vica verca, is also the love that a child feels for the parent. is also the love (in a sane world) of brother and sister. and to me formost, the love that one (should) feel(s) for a child when they see them.

all else is fake and created by the chunchal-ness within us. there is 1 mun, with 2 mool roops called chunchal and piyaaria. (think its pauri 8and 9 in the anandsahib- i may be wrong...)

and these 2 roops of our 1 mun, is where we must fight the good fight. and then come out on top ( i tel this to myself ofen... and im in the same boat as everyone else.)

to your question, i hope iv answered. and to you, i think it may werve you well to re-evaluate the true (pure) meaning of love. i believe that everyone must do this, because it is a rare individule hu truely understands the meaning of true love.

mwXw moh Brm pY BUly suq dwrw isau pRIiq lgweI ]

bharam means doubleminded-ness.

this pankti then means that

> through maya and moh, i have become doubleminded and forgotton my pathway, and i now must put my preet on the sut dara, the sucha dar/gate/place/heaven/god.

in gurbani it also says that thir ghar baisahu... im sure u know this shabad as most do.

thir ghar means heaven/ sur dara. but, thir ghar also is within ourselves. the gate where we must vas/stay, is through our own mun. everything is hidden within our mun. the wonders of the kingdom of heaven... everything...

through preet, we can unlock it. this is what we are supposed to do.

one last thing, we have a duty on this earth... everything is moh, yea even family but we only owe then 1 thing... the duty that we are born with. to love and to do seva of ones own family is one of the highest rather hardest sevas to do... (there is no high or low seva.. just pure seva, as and when we get it.. to take the oppertune momentto do seva)

we are only here do do our duty,and just love stuff.. and also protect, but that comes much later!! :D


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