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Akj Taksal Nihang - Confusing New Comers!

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Until Sikhs follow Akal Takht Rehit Maryada and give up these samparda homemade maryadas we will stay divided Akal Takht was made for a reason along with the Sikh Code Of Conduct a shame we see our own Jathebandia or Sampardama as superior to Akal Takht

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Until Sikhs follow Akal Takht Rehit Maryada and give up these samparda homemade maryadas we will stay divided Akal Takht was made for a reason along with the Sikh Code Of Conduct a shame we see our own Jathebandia or Sampardama as superior to Akal Takht

bro, you dont know what you are talking about. research what you have said further, and you will see.

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Theres some truth to what the video is trying to say. I think when u start to condemn other jathey then u are taking your view and making it supreme, I dont think thats Gurmat. Beaadbi is a different issue but if someone eats meat then let them fall for it or if nihang to jhatka and bhangniddan then let them be judged by dharamraj, if u dont eat meat dont think u can make other people eat what u want them to eat. I dont eat meat and?? You eat meat and?? can u make me eat meat?NO can I make u not eat meat??NO. We only have control over our own mind (and even that technically isnt our control because Vahiguroo created the hukam). I have seen with my own eyes Singhs that do paat, simran etc but have a wretched attutude and ego is the culprit. Bad attitudes and sikhi DO NOT MIX. Ive had racists think they are righteoous, they are dead wrong but all I can do is let them spew their garbage view aslong as it doesnt make me an <banned word filter activated> then overlook others faults as a person, again beaadbi is not every to be overlooked but if meat and tradition start contention then the two parties are falling into a vikar trap, and both would be considered wrong. Gurji set a marg that is very difficult so if it were easy then everyone at the Gurduara would be muktia but its only those destined to the highest form of thinking that get the Kirpa we all beg for. Dont argue, once you disagree then simple agree to disagree. SIMPLE. Fighting and arguing to someone ignorant then just drop it cause u can beat a dead horse for hours and it aint gonna get up and move.

Dont be a Sikh with a bad attitude its the best way to screw up any bit of Sikhi u have. Bad attitude = forfeit your sikhi.


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    • This issue including the attempted ousting of Sikh farmers in UP and Kutch as well as the attacks on Sikhs in Kashmir valley will continue because we do not understand how ethnic politics works in India. Why is it that there are no such actions against other ethnic minorities, why aren't Bengalis also being ousted from the Terai in UP where they have settled in larger numbers than Sikhs? It is because the UP govt knows that there are significant number of UP labourers working in Kolkata and other cities in West Bengal and they will face retaliation if Bengalis are harmed in UP. Same is the case for other ethnic minorities. A few years ago the rape a Gujarati baby girl by a Bhaiya set off riots which led to the ouster of thousands of Bhaiyas from Gujarat. Even a fake video about the massacre of Rohingyas in Myanmar set off riots against people from the North Eastern States in South India by Muslims.  The reason these Sikhs in Shillong are being ousted is because we Sikhs and especially the Sikhs in Punjab now have the reputation that we will not retaliate against anything happening to Sikhs in the rest of India. This is why we are under attack in virtually every state. There were no attacks on Sikhs in the early 90s in Kashmir valley while the Kashmiri Pandits were forced out mainly because it suited Pakistan to keep the Khalistan movement on side as well as the fear that the Kharkoos were also capable of retaliation against Punjabi Muslims if Sikhs were targeted in Kashmir. Now that the movement is at a low ebb and previous Kashmiri murders of Sikhs such as at Chattisinghpora did not lead to any retaliation in Punjab then Pakistan sees nothing wrong in their proxies murdering Sikhs.  With regard to Shillong, there are hundreds of North Eastern students studying in Punjab universities and colleges. The majority of them belong to leading and influential families in the north east as well as Meghalaya. If they faced some heat in Punjab then you will see how quick the Meghalaya govt withdraws its action against the Sikhs of Shillong. The politics of retaliation works in India. If after Chattisingpora there had been retaliation against the Kashmiris in Punjab then the targeting of Sikhs would have ended. But the last time we understood the politics of retaliation was when Santji would threaten retaliation if Sikhs outside Punjab were harmed. This was the case when Sikhs were threatened in Rajasthan and nothing come of the threat to them showing how well such politics works.  Here are some of the north eastern student snowflakes in Punjab who while the Sikhs of Shillong were physically attacked last year were complaining about people in Punjab calling them Chinki or Corona!!  'We Are Indians, Not Chinese': Northeast Students Request People Not To Call Them ‘Coronavirus’ | Watch    
    • I might be being judgmental but the women in the photos don't look the 'religious' types. I think these 'toys' might promote a very soft form of 'cultural' faith. 
    • This is a great idea for our community to learn as well. Definitely not our gurus or known personalities but we can have a regular singh/singhi Sikh characters.
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