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Europe'S First Gurdwara Cancels Youth Camp

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Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick was the first Gurdwara in Europe to be purchased for the sole use of worship by the Sikh community.

Now it is fast becomming a place where the old folks go to argue. A keen eye is not needed to see although the Committee think they're "expanding the Gurdwara" the building itself is infested with rats and there is no satkaar for GuruJi.

A Youth Camp was to be held but the President and his Cronies have cancelled it. My children and their friends are SO disappointed.

I know there's one being held in Wednesbury area but that is very far for local Sangat and Parents to take them daily. What's the point in having a Gurdwara if you're not going to allow youngsters to come and learn about Sikhi?

Majority of kids dont normally attend and are put off by these fat old men who sit at the front squabbling for the limelight. Isnt the one chance they get to understand their background is at Camps?

Please call or even better, visit the Gurdwara in person to ask them to explain themselves.

Guru Nanak Gurdwara,

High St,


B66 3AP

0121 5582527

If the President & his Cronies don't like children learning about Sikhee let's please find them a place more suited to their interests like an Old folk's home or a Pub.

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when will they learn....!

the guy on the phone doesn't have a clue y the camp is not on at least he says he doesn't , said to try again in an hour. Committee members like to hide from the sangat too ha ha

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There was no camp that was ever going to take place at Smethwick Gurdwara. It was still in the planning process, I know because my friends were the ones that were planning it. There has obviously been some misunderstanding. It is no good if people just start spreading rumours.

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    • YES! valid points. Life is a thing which can pull people into good / bad stuff. Religion, friends, fam and society can be factors. I too went down a "Make a quick buck" routine a few years back as I considered myself in a "Hard" life. Of course no one was hurt, injured or robbed in the process.
    • Iv listened to it before  I think it's real     he starts reciting the Quran as well 
    • @mods I'm not sure if this violates the forum rules. Please feel free to remove/alter if required. This is not a promotional post and I'm not affiliated with stack exchange. I've just submitted a proposal to them. Satsriakal people! I've created a proposal at stack exchange( the largest question/answer website on the web, similar to quora) to start a sub site devoted to Sikhism where people can post questions and receive answers from others. I request everyone to please follow the site to keep it active so that it can be pushed to the next stage(beta)and isn't deleted.
      Please click "follow" at the below link: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/122932/sikhism Once the number of followers meet the minimum criteria, there will be a sub section on stack exchange devoted only to Sikhism, which I think will be a great thing. Let's give our best to make this proposal count. Since this is a new proposal, it also lacks sample questions. Please feel free to upvote the existing questions or add new ones related to Sikhism.
    • shes from a different community n anotha part of town. abt 15 yrs younger than the female elder as well. so y wud she be keepin their company? seems like she was either abandoned by her own for wateva reason n lost her way. maybe livin rough n desperate before bein targeted. or she knew the place well as a worker or regular customer n wanted a piece of the prize from wat wudve seemed a simple 'transaction'?
    • Sidh Gohst is a Sikh Prayer... (i hope u weren't being sarcastic)? Prayer came about when Guru Nanak Ji had an assembly (gohst) with Sidhs, hence the name Sidh Gohst. The prayer is like a Q&A session where Sidhs ask n Guru Ji answers... NOW! Who been telling me to stick t learning about Sidh Gohst?? 😔

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