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Dilgeer At It Again!

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The fanatical and inder ghagga worshipping author Harjinder Dilgeer, who last year wrote the anti-panthic book called Sikh Twareekh is at it again!!

This time he has written a book called "Nitnem- Guru Granth Sahib ji de pehla 13 Ang." In this book Dilgeer claims that the daily Nitnem of a Sikh is only in the first 13 Angs of Maharaj and nothing else. This means only Jap Ji Sahib, Sodar - the evening prayer and Sohela - the bedtime prayer are part of the Nitnem.

No Jaap Sahib, No Tav-Prasad Savaiye, No Chaupai Sahib and No Anand Sahib are included in his version of the Nitnem!!!!

He has dedicated this book to his mother who passed away last year and he describes as his Sikh role model!!! I will hopefully be uploading pictures of this book soon!!

For the people who don't know about his last book:-

“Sikh Twareekh” is a box set of 5 books about Sikh History. The five books are set out in 5 different timelines. The first book includes the years 1469-1708. The second book includes the years 1708-1850. The third book is from 1850-1947, the fourth from 1947-1984 and the fifth includes the years 1984 to present day. Throughout this set Dilgeer has the audacity to make some of the most outrageous claims.

Recently a panthic meeting was arranged in the UK, and the sangat collectively concluded that such writings are anti-Panthic and must have been influenced by the works of heretics like Inder Ghaggha, Ragi Gulshan and Prof. Darshan Singh. The meeting was recently held at Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha Birmingham (Soho Road). Gursikhs from numerous Gurdwaras, Jathebandis and organisations attended.

These included Jathedar of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, Bhai Mohinder Singh (GNNSJ), Bhai Jasdev Singh Rai (Southall), Bhai Charan Singh (Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Gurdwara, Tividale), Bhai Soda Singh (Dudley Gurdwara), Bhai Balwinder Singh Chahheru (Sandwell Sikh Council), Cllr. Gurdial Singh Atwal, Bhai Sukhbir Singh, Bhai Gurmeet Singh Sidhu (Wolverhampton Sikh Council), Bhai Tarsem Singh Deol (British Sikh Council), Bhai Balbir Singh (AKJ UK), Jathedar Bhai Mohinder Singh Khera (Oldbury Guru Ghar), Bhai Jagdev Singh Boparai (Sikh Council Birmingham), Bhai Ranjit Singh (GNG West Bromwich), Jathedar Mota Singh (Nihung Singh Sabha UK), Bhai Kulwant Singh Dhesi (Coventry) Bhai Balihar Singh Ramewal (Shrimoni Youth Akali Dal), Bhai Sarbjit Singh Kooner (Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar) Bhai Ranjit Singh Rana (Sahib Magazine), Jathedar Joga Singh and Bhai Kuldeep Singh Chahheru (both coordinators of Federation of Sikh Organisations).

At the meeting, the sangat collectively discovered that Dilgeer's book distorts the history of the Guru Sahibans, Sikh Shaheeds, and Sikh Gurdwaras. Objection was raised in regards to the claim of Dilgeer that states that Guru Nanak Sahib Ji never fed the hungry Sadhus with the money that his father Mehta Kalian Das gave him. Dilgeer states "Guru Sahib would never have wasted his money on Vehlereh (freeloaders)". The Sakhi of Guru Arjan Sahib Ji sitting on the tatti tavi (hot plate) was made up by poets and writers (page 220).

Dilgeer claims Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, Gurdwara Sant Ghat Sultanpur Lodhi, Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib as well as other numerous sacred gurdwaras are "fake gurdwaras." Dilgeer claims that the history connected with these Gurdwaras are made up by poets and other fake scholars. In addition, he states that the Panja at Panja Sahib is not of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji's because it had existed hundreds of years before Guru Nanak Dev Ji (page 123).

Going against the amrit sanchar, he states that the concept of “Aape Gur Chela” is inaccurate. He writes that Guru Gobind Singh Ji first used the Khanda to put five drops of Amrit in his own mouth before giving it to the Panj Pyaarey (page 316). He also writes that Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji was married to Bibi Tara Kaur and had a son called Hothi Singh. After the Shaheedi of Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji, Bibi Tara Kaur was then married off to a Singh from a village called Burhanapur (page 405).

During the meeting, Sangat took a strong stance and concluded that they will not allow Dilgeer to propagate this manmat at any of the Gurdwaras they attend or manage. This is a great step since Dilgeer, who is a resident of the UK, will be prevented from spreading his heretical literature in his own country of residence. It is important that sangat from US, Canada, India, and other countries take similar measures to prevent anti-Sikh literature from spreading in Sikh institutions. If you happen to see this book in stock at any Gurdwara library please kindly remove it.

n his latest writings, Dilgeer rakes up further controversy by:

• Claiming Guru Gobind Singh Ji never took Khanday-battay-da-Amrit from the Panth Piyaray, negating the concept of "ਆਪੇ ਗੁਰੁ ਚੇਲਾ".

• Dismissing the historical fact that Guru Arjan Dev Ji was were never martyred on a "ਤੱਤੀ ਤਵੀ"

• Dismissing the historical fact connected to Panjokhra Sahib regarding Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji blessing Chajju the water carrier to recite the Gita.

• Dismissing the historical fact of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's rotation of the Kabba at Mecca.

• Dismissing the historical fact of Guru Tegh Buhadur Sahib saving Makhan Shah Lubana's merchant ship from sinking.

Despite the various HukamNamas from Sri Akal Takht Sahib forbidding the criticism of Sri Dasam Granth, Dilgeer has openly attacked the Holy Granth calling it 'gand-mandh' (filthy-trash.)


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Today is the 15th Anniversary Of Babbars Sodh'Ing Beanta,

maybe this time next year could be the *edited*

Saamajdhar Nu Ta Ishara Hee Teekeya ;)

(If I have got that proverb wrong, please correct it for me :p)

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Dilgeer is a hard core Gurunindak who does not believe in sikh rehat maryada. He is a follower of kala afghana cult and a supporter of

anti sikh newspaper spokesman and Ragi darshan. He was one of founder members of Dal khalsa.

He is a maverick and changes his tune with time. Some organizations have complained to akal takhat about his anti sikh activities. He has

already said that he will not go in front of akal takhat.

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Last nights show on the Sikh channel talked about Dilgeers new book which is in the form of a Gutka but claims that only the first 13 pages of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is part of the daily Nitnem. This means only Jap Ji Sahib, Sodar - the evening prayer and Sohela - the bedtime prayer are part of the Nitnem.

No Jaap Sahib, No Tav-Prasad Savaiye, No Chaupai Sahib and No Anand Sahib are included in his version of the Nitnem!!!!

Yesterdays show presented by Dr Sadhu Singh alos outlined that this "Gutka"/book was dedicated to Dilgeers mother who passed away last year. At the bhog of the funeral, Joginder Sinh from Spokesman spoke and said that there was no proof that Guru Nanak Dev ji gave the Gurgaddi to Guru Angand Dev Ji. He claimed Guru Nanak Dev ji didnt want to start a new religion at all.

Also the Ardas at the bhog was changed from "Pritham Bhaugautee Simar ke" to "Pritham Akaal Purakh ke"

Dilgeer has in the past questioned our Rehat Marayada, Our Dasam Bani and now our Nitnem!! He has questioned our Guru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj!!

An open call to Dilgeer or his followers were given on Sikh Channel yesterday so that they can come in front of the Sangat and explain themselves!! Its about time we take a serious stand and say No more!!


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We are a nation of simple minded persons.

Dilgeer was made Director of sikh refrence library. It is said that he took away many historical books from there.

He is said to be a boozer. How come he was made director of such important library where we have many manuscripts.

Darshan Ragi was a two penny ragi who ahd no gurmat oriented life.He was a sharabi and kebabi. Who made him

a jathedar of akal takhat.

Now same people in league with missionaries are cutting our roots by confusing sangat.

We have another dark character Gurbax singh Gulshan who is hard core anti sikh preacher

He applied for Jathedar's post twice and was rejected . God knows someone will male him jathedar tommorrow.

Sikhs should be very careful in elevating such dubious persons to positions of importance.

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Dilgeer has started a new organistation called "GURMAT TAKSAL"

This is a link to its facebook page. Note how he states Religious views: There is only one Granth: Guru Granth Sahib. To accept the so-called Dasam Granth is insult to Guru :@


http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000439915344&v=wall&ref=ts - DILGEER SPEWING BAKWAAS ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE!!

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