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Shastar Naam Mala With English Translations

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To continue to encourage those who wish to learn Gurbani, Shastar Naam Mala is available freely on

Youtube.com/Sikhi for streaming, and on www.Sikhee.com on www.RajKaregaKhalsa.Net for downloading.

It will be available in .wmv for computers, .mp4 for iPods, .3GP for mobiles, etc and any other format sangat wants.

Shastar Naam Mala: Literally translating to 'string of weapons', this is a comprehensive list of weapons used in battle and covers 1318 verses. Many names of weapons are given in addition to references of great warriors (historical and mythological) who wealded them. Many weapons that were in their infancy at the time of the Guru, such as cannons and rifles, are also mentioned.

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