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Singhs in movies: Johnny English


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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

in league of extraordinary gentleman .... the sardar i for got his real name but he plays captain nemo ..... a super smart scientist and engineer who has his own Submarine (first ever built and super fast strong and deadly) , the first car ever devolped (which also had a V 12 engine tongue.gif ) his submarine all the controls were written in punjabi and the portrayed him as a tall strong man open dhara blue baster (type of bana) and a massive sham-sher. he was very fluent in english. alot of his crew was sikh they were also all very smart and they were fighters ..... it was like his own mini army and they all fought with guns and other shasters at the end of the movie. that movie def. made sikhs look good.

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Sat Sri Akal:

it was like his own mini army and they all fought with guns and other shasters at the end of the movie. that movie def. made sikhs look good.

Minus Capt. Nemo worshipping Kali and the blatant Hindu diety statues that covered the submarine... :wub: @ :cool: @ ;) @

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No one mentioned Kabir Bedi in Octopussy. I think this is probably the most famous image of Sikhs that was ever put on TV outside of India.

Sikhs are also shown in a Japanese classic called The Burmese Harp. The movie shows a Sikh regiment fighting the Japanese during WWII. Fortunately the Japanese have more sense than the losers who make Bollywood and show Sikhs with dignity and respect. You can also find Sikh soldiers some very old American movies about Hong Kong pre WWII. And Seven Years in Tibet showed Sikh soldiers as well. In some Persian dramas and movies about the British occupation of Persia, you can find Sikh soldiers as well. World cinema probably knows about Sikhs through an occasional portrayal of a Sikh soldier in WWII or as a soldier for the British empire.

Pakistani Punjabi films(which are probably even worse than Indian Punjabi films) like to portray Sikhs in their movies every now and then. The Sikhs are shown either as cruel and heartless arch-villains or as noble but misguided heroes.

I don't think Sikhs have been portrayed too many times in international cinema otherwise. I have yet to see a Sikh in a Spanish, Latin American, Russian, German, French, African or Italian movie.

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Guest noonespecial

Captain Nemo was praying to some Hindu diety.

and just a little tidbit of information..

..in the ORIGINAL English Patient novel written by Micheal Ondaatje the SINGH is the one who the woman falls in love with. Not the white guy..

But I guess that story wouldn't fly with Hollywood so they changed it up.

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Vahegurooo Ji Ka Khalsaaah, Vahegurooo Ji Ka Fateeeh!

I have just been watching "Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four" on BBCTwo. This particular episode starred John Thaw, who played a character who travelled India during the Raj and it had three characters portraying Singhs in that era.

The names of the characters were Kartar, Inderjit and Jagdish. They had the full Kesh and paghs.

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    • Was listening to Sant Ji's katha on youtube.  Sant ji stated apart from the traditional raags, there is nothing wrong if Kirtan is sung in other NON - Raags set up by our Guru Ji's.  His example: Think of poison in a bowl.  Drinking the poison then blaming the bowl is silly. The poison is bad not the bowl. Likewise, we will never call a bowl Amrit once it contains Amrit init. Sameway it's not the raags being good / bad... it's WHAT we put into those raags. How many times Kirtan was sung but on a track of sum Bollywood tune? It is happening in Gurudwara by Raagis! Youtube also has Kaweshri jatha singing history of 1984, on Dr Dre's - Still Dre track.  Rap instrumental/ Bolly tunes stand neutral. We can either put bad things and sing with our own remixes and lyrics... or we can recreate to sing Shabads of Gurbabi, kirtan and Sikh Prachaar over them. 
    • Everything in Gurbani points us towards the Atma. Atma and Parmatma are the same… Atama and Parmatma is the source that creates and causes everything… What have the following items got in common? A fan. A television. A fridge. A radio. A computer..? These things are powered by electricity. Without electricity these things are lifeless. It’s the electricity that causes these things to function… Atma is the source of energy that allows everything to happen.    without Atma, we are lifeless… Call this Atama RAGUNATH…call this Atma by any other name…the fact remains that it’s the life force energy… Dieties also have the same Atma as humans, but they still part of the creation, and not the creator…  
    • Hi I want to know who’s ragunath in gurbani Hindu claim this word appear for ram chandra if we read guru teg bahadur maharaj salok maharaj clearly rejecting ram gayo ravan geo but at the last pangti Kahu naanak īh bipaṭi mai tek ēyk ragɦunaaṭɦ ॥55॥ Says Nanak, in this calamity, the Lord alone is my support who is this ragunaath why would maharaj use ragunath as refrence for god?
    • Throughout history we have been tested and tried. We remained steadfast and resiliant. The events that took place in Punjab and outside of Punjab in the past years made it quite clear we are big players in the game which kept the world powers on edge. It started off with the drug pandemic in Punjab, to the uproar by Bhai Amritpal Singh to the Farmer's protest. Outside of Punjab the deaths of Avtar Singh Khanda (UK) and Hardeep Singh Nijjar (Canada) created a stir within our community. This was probably our first real opportunity to establish something but how quickly members of our own community forget history. We have been a threat to civilization in the past and this is probably what the world powers are concerned about. However, may we continue grow and learn through Gurbani and like Jaswant Singh Khalra said: 'May the spirit of equal rights Punjab continue to kindle'. 
    • This is why people used to get married earlier in puratan times. Think about it, nowadays you legit have to be brahmacharya at ages when you're supposed to be married and producing children, which historically speaking, is unprecedented outside of the Sants in Indic tradition. 
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