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found this website which claims to have Relics of Guru Nanak including 

Relics: The Relics of Guru Nanak Dev Ji the 1st Sikh Guru that have descended in this Family are as follows

1 The Original Pothi ( Book) of Guru Nanak.

2 The original Mala ( Rosary) of Guru Nanak.

3 The Original Topi (Cap) of Guru Nanak.

4 The Padam (Priceless Jewel in which the image of Guru Nanak is Visible & His Right foot Thumb print is also visible).

5 The Saligram which has 16 circles around it and originally belonged to Guru Nanak.

6 A Small Pothi that is also Descended in this Family.

7 A Gold Coin of Lord Krishna that originally belonged to Guru Nanak.

does anyone have more information who these people are and how they got the items.


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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal!

Dear all!

Suppose you are with God in heaven. The cloths you are wearing right now are preserved by your beloved ones. They are now preparing its exhibitions and processions to collect money and help the society on earth.

How would you feel to recognize your garments without your body?

Balbir Singh

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