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Peaceful Rally At Ramgharia Sikh Temple Birmingham

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Sure I can drive up to Leeds Ramgahria and have a look, but I could also make wild unsubstantiated claims about singh sabha gurdwara nairobi, and invite you to fly on over and have a look. No pictures? If you were so in shock you couldnt evidence it? And how do you know that the butts had anything to do with the hall? How do you know these werent flicked on by people walking past? And how does the gurdwara control this?

Speaking of kennels, you ignorant imbecile, I suggest you make your kennel welcome to all the other fools who share such a low level of intelligence as yourself.

lol Well if i cared enough i would fly over. I had no camera at the time. Did you want me to pick up the cigs and post them to you?

Well if the people walking past are competing for the olympics then it might be them...but they would have to throw the butts about 50 metres into the Gurdwara premises. It could be the walking past walk around the gurdwara and hall and smoke and the gurdwara can't control this. Or it could be the people partying at the hall who smoke, obviously it would be highly stupid to ask the gurdwara to control this because it is the gurdwara who allows them to book parties and have alcohol and tobacco in the first place.

If i cared enough i would evidence all of this but i don't. You seem to care a lot about something...not sure what it is yet but you are getting quite worked up about it. Take a chill pill.

Can mods please rename jalandhar from sher to Billi. Thanks.

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As in Grays, you will probably find that the rally could go on for several hours. The Sangat stayed in the Grays Gurdwara Complex for over 7 hours. So the rally is likely to tip into Saturday evening

Press Release and Sangat Update Birmingham, UK - 2 January 2011 SATURDAY 15 JANUARY 2011: PEACEFUL RALLY AT RST BIRMINGHAM All Sangat requested to recite Chaupai Sahib prayer in advance and attend

I think Admin should ban this "JalandharSher". He's come here with pre-conceived ideas to promote caste-ism and defame Gursikhs. People like this have no place on SikhSangat.

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To JALANDHARSHERE..... A real soorma, burrrrhhhhh! Lol.

Who said it happens actually in Gurdwarae? In party halls and outside absolutely yes. Now this is an old video before you start throwing your toys out the pram, because boy you ain't throwing NO punches yet. It is not leeds either, but you will be able to figure that much out at least:

I hardly doubt it that the people who actually take an interest in their faith would come out with random accusations to make themselves look better and as saviours of the faith while knocking other denomination tribes/casts who may be a little lost from the rest of the Panth. But your as so adamant that you want evidence like you the top man to then and go do something for the Panth MR SHERE, lol.

Many Sikhs who visit this forum actually do go up and down the UK and have seen things with their own eyes. It's not always convenient to take a picture or film, imagine if you were getting beaten up on the road somewhere and people knew you were the one and only JALANDHAR SHERE, in their laughter they may actually forget to take some evidence of this really important happening that your actually a clown disguised as a Lion who doesn't know a jab from a hook and has a 'girly' roar. :smile2:

Rest assured there is a video that exists of both leeds Gurdwarae and the beadbi that took place (the chapletown issue has now been resolved) there is also one of the the leeds ramgarhia place because there was someone making a video when some Singhs (real lions) went down. You obvioulsy have something against Jatts, maybe in your next life you will become one, lol seeing that you love them so much. :rolleyes2:

So okay, how about in turn you evidence where Sant Ji is holding an AK47 you befkoof? There is no such picture, maybe you have the image of Bin Laden superimposed on your brain, because you think Sant Ji is a terrorist like him. You know nothing about the background to operation bluestar or things affecting Sikhs and the wider community except for the propaganda that you have readily lapped up without even considering to research both sides of the story. Otherwise you would of quickly come to the conclusion that Sant Ji did what he had to do for very valid reasons. Too long to explain to a 'imbecile' like yourself.

Also you should go back to school and do some Maths too. There are 11 Guru's by the way, the last one being Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, EDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIOOOOOOOOOOOOOT BOY! Just as you know alot about Sikhs and Sikhi, Muslims would definietly praise and revere their defenders of Faith if something happend in mecca, not like wet behind the ear 'Sikhs' like you.

Once again where is Sant Ji using an AK? Have any evidence? Is no the answer once again? Then get off your high horse and on your bike. Your just as much as a hypocrite as those people who jump on the beadbi bandwagaon and then don't do nothing in their local areas to help resolve issues or come to protests.

So in conclusion the only egomaniac here is.................................. you :tongue2: JALANDHARSHERE and the way you have come on this forum and painted everybody who has posted or supported this action in some way shape or form with the same brush. This is only one indication of the stupidity the beholds you. Funnily enough, remember this: "evidence every accusation... Or in absence of that, keep your uneducated mouths shut"

Will let the other brothers and sisters who know more about Sikhi to counter your other BS. And here's something to sulk over further, seeing that you can't live it up like these stupid JATT clowns, if you do a quick whip around ramgarhia websites you will come across things like this http://www.ramgarhiakom.com/index.html Read the sections about whoever the deity with the chisel, hammer and hardhat is. It is hardly unlikely that if he is given so much praise that he has his own Arti and Ardas that within ramgharia temples/hall there is no reference to this miracle lord who would propbably knock up a party halls for jatts, ramgharia and other like minded folk who let manmat preside over Gurmat in seconds with all his skills from creating the universe, lol.

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"Guru taught Sikhs to be humble always, and your post is quite full of ignorance and a little stupidity as well. " Again, please evidence which part is ignorant or stupid, not interested in your ego or opinion, but evidence to support that ridiculous argument.

Gladly ji.

No-one who has an ounce of respect for Aad Guru Granth Sahib would make such a low comment as your "BHindranwale being claimed as 11th Guru" jibe. No-one who has any respect for Bhindranwale would ever think this either. This is so stupid and even blasphemous to say, or even think, that any Sikh would ever deny Guru Ji this title, and apply it to a man, even in jest, or ridicule.

i hope that you are humble enough to accept this.

Furthermore going back to langar, you seem to base the equality of langar only as all sitting at the same level. But as I said earlier it is more than that. Humbleness/humility is the essence of eating in langar.

Guru Ji placed more emphasis on humility than all sitting at an equal level. Humility/humbleness is a recurring theme throughout Gurbani, which is why I feel that you havent read Aad Guru Sahib in enough detail.

I dont want to fight/argue with you over this, but I would really advise you always to approach contentious issues like these with an open mind, and suitable language.

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I think Admin should ban this "JalandharSher". He's come here with pre-conceived ideas to promote caste-ism and defame Gursikhs. People like this have no place on SikhSangat.

Why ban him? are you scared of him? Never fear debate. He should not be banned just because he beleives in something different.

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    • The liberal mafia attacking Amaan Baali because he committed the ultimate sin of standing up for the Sikh community in Kashmir and told the truth of the grooming of Sikh girls. Let's look at the background of these liberals who are now attacking Amaan. Monica Gill - failed model latched on to the Farmers agitation in order to gain more exposure and credibility. On the grooming of the Sikh girls in Kashmir she was solidly on the side of the paedophiles. She promoted the Quint narrative that the Sikh girl was an adult even when the paedophile admitted that he had started to target her when she was 12/13. Her sister apparently 'researched' the grooming of Sikh girls in Kashmir and found 'no evidence'!  Ravi Singh KA - we all know about him and his liberal agenda and his main focus on using the Panth's money to help our enemies and gain him a Nobel prize.  This Angadh Singh Khalsa guy - another liberal mupp.et using the Sikh identity to further the cause of the Jihadis. here's an article about him- his main claim to fame- being a dhimmi and helping in the Kashmiri plan to turn Kashmir into an Islamic state like Afghanistan. What could possibly go wrong for Kashmiri Sikhs when that happens? His views on the grooming of Sikhs - he is 'nuanced'! How Kashmir's Fraught Political Journey Led a Young Sikh Man Into Activism (thewire.in) You can judge the value of a person to the Panth by knowing the background of the people  who are attacking him.       
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    • These are serious deranged folks filing such cases lol
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