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Sikh Tv Looks To Analyse Demand For Dasam Granth Parchar

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Sikh TV has been looking at the idea of educating and informing people about dasam granth and its content.

This will not be attempt to promote/discourage or change opinions but to give a better understanding of what dasam granth "is all about" and allow for balanced opinions to be expressed in a constructive and logicial manner and to avoid 6 - on - 1 slander match as seen on other sikh channels ( No prizes for guessing!)

Please remember the great focus is likely to be on the contents and explanations of the text as well as historical analyse which can allow the sangat to hopefully make a more informed decision.

Your thoughts?

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Why be neutral, why not promote?

Agreed, it should be promoted, if anything. Simply, they should address the misconceptions and destroy the propaganda and misinformation that is being spread.

Being neutral means you are acknowledging the other side, in some cases it may be okay, but not when Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani is going to be the subject.

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It all depends on who will be doing the whole talk. I would encourage them to invite Veer Gurinder Singh Mann (UK); he can connect to younger generation and explains quite well providing historical facts. He did quite a bit research on this issue. I would encourage them to have only non-controversial, non-political, non-jathabandi ppl on the show otherwise it is just waste of time.

Bhai Sahib G.S. Lamba (originally from Patna) started reading Dasam Granth from the very young age. He has immense knowledge on its content and linguistic part and so on.. There are many positive, non-biased gian walay scholars who can really explain well to everyone and make ppl understand easily. The only thing we can do is to give them a platform to speak.

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