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    • Besides economic, what progress is India making? Especially in relation to Sikhs. 
    • After Gharshankar that road leading to Anandpur Sahib is so bad! the potholes could knock an Elephant over. One of the bumpiest rides iv ever had in my life. Anandpur Sahib being one of the post popular destinations in Punjab it really is surprising how the government does not repair the road. But once your in the city it is soo beautiful, the views are amazing. I can see why Guru Tegh Bahadur ji chose the location to build a city.  Do you see all the monkeys in the way in the mountains lol!  we gave them bread and then all a sudden our can was surrounded by 100s  lmao. Have you been Baba Gurdita Jis Gurdwara near Kesgarh Sahib? really serene as well   its higher up in the mountains. Yh i really do not like how Amritsar has become a tourist destination. I get that its good for the cities businesses and stuff but at the same time it is our holy city. Last few years iv been going there  Amritsar is full of Indian tourists from other parts of India, there everywhere! taking selfies. I don't like what they have done to Jallianwala bagh, its a memorial and should be treated like one, instead they have made it into a public garden with people taking selfies and having picnics!  what the hell is that about. Iv been Wagha border, really didn't get the fuss!  was sh1t. I think Indians from other parts of the country would probably like it more. If you go again go Machiwara, really nice peaceful Gurdwara. The Khoo Guru Sahib drank water from is still there and also the tree where he tied his horse and wrote the shabd "mitr pyare nu" is still there. Under the tree they have a radio and the shabd plays 24/7. A lot of Nihung Singhs there as well.  Iv been a few places in India, but iv had those years where we go and just in the pind for the entire month! lol I'v never been Chandigarh, some say its nice some say theres nothing special. Nothing about it makes me want to visit it though ... Iv been Delhi, Himachal Pardesh and Hazur Sahib. 1st time we went Hazur Sahib it was in a car lol!  was really fun though. But i would like to travel all of India, North to South. i want to go Rajasthan as well ...   
    • It's true to some extent but have a look at Muslim immigrants in Europe, whether they are North Africans in France, Belgium, Holland or Turks in Germany, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in the UK, Lebanese in Australia, they are all near the bottom of society, less educated, less employed, disproportionately involved in crime and grooming gangs. The only thing linking all of these groups is Islam. Whereas India is progressing, Islamic countries are becoming more backwards.
    • I don't quite agree (nor do I agree with Islam), as other nations have shown they have found ways to progress even with Islamic roots. 
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