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    • I don't quite agree (nor do I agree with Islam), as other nations have shown they have found ways to progress even with Islamic roots. 
    • No their Islamic roots will always hold them back. The whole 'is this haram' mentality will always keep them one step behind. They are more focused on the afterlife than this life.
    • Never is a strong word. I see no reason why they can't be upto par with India, especially considering they have made economic progress. Of course they're still significantly further behind. Many of your points can apply just as easily to India, by the way. 
    • These are all valid points and I agree fully. You should only get help if you are poor, not because of your so called caste. Anandpur being near is great but the roads leading there from Nawanshahr are atrocious, they really need to be fixed. Amristar isn't that far, about 2 hours away but nowadays I prefer Anandpur Sahib, it's so much more peaceful and I like the hilly scenery.  Amritsar has become a tourist town with massive queues to do matha tek at Harmandir Sahib. You can even bribe sevadars to jump the queue, so shameful. There are lots of tourists from other parts of India who want to visit Harmandir Sahib but only because the 'Jai Hind Vande Matram' Jalianwala Bagh and Wagah border are nearby. It made me laugh seeing these central indians at Wagah border shouting their slogans at the Pakistanis. I was thinking - this isn't your land, you have nothing in common with the people here. I've never been to Machiwara, 90% of my trips to India were spent in my Dad's pind and then the odd excursion to Amritsar (and the surrounding areas), Anandpur or visiting my nana in Chandigarh (a very bland metro city). I've done one proper trip to Delhi, that was good.
    • See people from other regions of Punjab do not understand this, I'm glad you pointed it out!  The "persecuted" Chamars are the dominant group in many places of Doaba. over 40% of the sirpanchs in Doaba are Chamars. All the jobs and benefits are reserved for them because the local governments are full of Chamars and also because they vote for congress. They really are taking advantage of the whole reservation thing. Every year when its that time of the year again the lanes outside of the Chamar areas are repaired, many of their kids have free education and many other benefits. In my mums pind i went to the Arora area of the pind and the whole thing looked like it was stuck in the 1950s! broken roads, old wooden doors and windows hanging off, run down   just shambles.  The reservation thing should be for poor families regardless of their caste! My mums friend is a Arora lady who is really poor, her husband had a stroke so he couldn't move, her son ended up in jail for drugs and she made a living by cleaning peoples dishes! but she got absolutely no help or benefits from the government because she belongs to the Arora community and not the Chamar. How does that even make sense!  I understand many people from the Chamar community need help but there plenty of them that don't!  its just messed up. Do you remember when that Ravidassia preacher was shot in Austria?  Well the Chamars from my mums pind all rounded up and blocked the roads in the pind and told the Aroras that they can't open their shops and told Jatts that they can't use the roads to drive their tractors to the fields!  they themselves caused a riot and made a curfew in the pind! Everyone else had to go back home! it lasted a whole week it did. And no police or government arrested them. They behave in such a clannish way! The jobs should be reserved for the actual communities that are suffering like the valmikis etc But because Chamars are at the top within the Dalit hierarchy, they hog all the jobs and don't give them to other Dalit communities. Spaces should be reserved for people like the Valmikis and poor families regardless of caste.  Anyway enough of that    Yeah i really like going Anandpur Sahib, its beautiful there. Gd thing is Anandpur Sahib isn't that far from us only takes around 40mins. Amritsar is a bit fat though Have you been machiwara? Its only around 20-25 mins from us   you cross the Sutlej and your in Malwa 
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