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Dudley Gurdwara Update

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In the interest of fairness to all those involved in discussing this issue, I have to let you know that the following accounts are being accessed from same IP's and most likely are the same person:

Gur<mod edit to protect privacy>





I highlighted the two accounts above because one posted this post http://www.sikhsanga...post__p__485732

and then the other agreed with him.

WHAT??!? I received a post from integratedresettle telling me to delete the post in which I quoted him.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Sri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I must agree with my veer ji by the name of "whoareya" on this one. I have been involved in Gurdwara's for decades, and i have myself witnessed many y

The Dudley Gurdwara committee is far from perfect, they make many questionable decisions, and some (meat sharab parties and extension of building) are downright wrong BUT Why are words being thrown

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Dear Sadh Sangat of SikhSangat, my name is Gurpreeth Singh and I am the former member of the Dudley Gurdwara committee who some people have been speaking about on this forum; and in particular, about my resignation. I did not wish to take this measure, but I have copied and pasted below my letter of resignation to the committee. I felt that I needed to get the truth from my side across, and I offer you all to have a read of my reasoning, and then feel free to judge me as you wish.

I would also like to add, that the Gurdwara first and foremost belongs to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and then the Sangat, so I will continue to do Seva at the Gurdwara with all of my heart, no committee members pushed me out and no committee members could have done so. My reasons were personal and I wish them all the luck. The primary reasons for my resignation are all listed in the letter and they are the only reasons I resigned. Therefore, I would kindly ask anyone else who may have an issue with me and the Seva that I have done in the past, the Seva that I do currently, and the Seva that I will continue to do in the future, to approach me at Guru Nanak Singh Sabha Gurdwara on any given Sunday and let their feelings be known to my face.

There is one more thing I would like to add. I have been attending this Gurdwara for 20 years now. My parents and grandparents have been for a lot longer than that even. I would like to kindly request the people who have been approaching my grandmother since my resignation and victimising her by speaking untruths about me to please stop doing so. If you wish to accuse me of things then have the decency to say so to me, I will gladly answer every query you may have.

I ask forgiveness from the almighty and the Sangat for anything that I have said which has caused offence.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Many thanks for coming on-line and sharing your personal reasons for leaving this committee. Looks like you had someone with a personal grievance against you who was using sikhsangat.com to create a scapegoat out of you.

I hope any victimisation some of your family may be experiencing comes to an end. Unfortunately, I have seen how the outcaste tactics work in the politics of Punjabi people. It's nothing more than "pendupauna" and it holds us back from any progression.

Good luck with your sewa in the Guru ghar.

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Dear Sikh Sangat

It has come to my attention that the identity of siyanna or whoareyah is a guy called [mod edit] he will be there 2ommorow stirring up other manmukhs, this is a guy who is not a sikh by the way and is a committed CHRISTIAN despite the name and therefore should not be allowed no where near the gurdwara as he has turned his back on his religion.

I urge all members reading this forum to attend the meeting 2morow and see for yourself what the dudley committees (Mod EDIT) real views on sikh marayda are and decide for yourself if they are actually mentally and spiritually fit to run a gurdwara.

lets see if we can 101 singhs together in one place and see if can make real change happen through the power of prayer :-)

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i just cant even image what maaha paap these corrupt masands are going to get for doing this maha beadbee! On top of it, they have no sharam and will try to justify their bajjar kurehit activities in Guru Granth Sahib Jee's hazzoorree today!

Rab Ton Ta Daro!!

logan raam khilounaa jaanaa |1|

Some people think that the Lord is a play-thing. ||1||

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amazing meeting Dudley "Sangat" you should be ashamed of yourselves.............the sooner you get judged by maharaj the better thank god you are all old and nearly there wouldn't mind being at that meeting tooo :-)

To giani sukdev singh, satnam singh kondola, soda singh and surinder singh you spoke your mind and made it clear your views that the centre belongs to the gurdwara and meat sharab should not be permitted as per the akal thakt marjhada .

The Committee(Mod Edit), we now know which side of the fence you stand on and I wish you well with your meeting with the satkaar group and have fun explaining to them that Dudley is exempt from the marjhada and your plan to divide the centre and the gurdwara is a good way around the ruling.

To all ladies who attended I hope you feel shame in your actions and views too and I thank god I am not married to your daughters and I am not your son.

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Just a reminder of the second amazing Hukumnama Dhan Dhan Sachay Patshay Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj blessed the sadh sangat with on Saturday 16 October 2010 during the Grays Morcha when the Satkaar Campaign was formalised.

Dhanaasree mehlaa 5.

Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl:

doot dusman sabh tujh tay nivrahi pargat partaap tumaaraa.

All demons and enemies are eradicated by You, Lord; Your glory is manifest and radiant.

jo jo tayray bhagat dukhaa-ay oh tatkaal tum maaraa. ||1||

Whoever harms Your devotees, You destroy in an instant. ||1||

nirkha-o tumree or har neet.

I look to You continually, Lord.

muraar sahaa-ay hohu daas ka-o kar geh uDhrahu meet. rahaa-o.

O Lord, Destroyer of ego, please, be the helper and companion of Your slaves; take my hand, and save me, O my Friend! ||Pause||

sunee bayntee thaakur mayrai khasmaanaa kar aap.

My Lord and Master has heard my prayer, and given me His protection.

naanak anad bha-ay dukh bhaagay sadaa sadaa har jaap. ||2||13||44||

Nanak is in ecstasy, and his pains are gone; he meditates on the Lord, forever and ever. ||2||13||44||

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Parenting Classes Inpsired By Gurmat.

De-Addiction Center While Teaching Gurmat.

Help Abused Women While Inspiring Through Gurmat.

Councelling Center While Encouraging Through Gurmat.

Place For Children To Come And Do Homework In Gurmat Environment.

Raag Vidya Center. Shastar Vidya Center. 7 Days A Week Gurmat Classes.




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This dudley committee is full of naastik corrupt sell-out scum bags. I admire the Singhs of Satkaar Sewadars in how they have polite and respectful dialogue with these people, and are able to keep it civil.

I dont think many of us could conduct ourselves in that manner when facing these kind of massands.

They think the panth is a walk over, full of people who would over look this and let them carry on.

If they love shittar, they heading in the right direction

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The community centre is currently owned by the Gurdwara. Will the new organisation pay the full market value of the community centre to the Gurdwara?

Do NOT know!!!!! and the committee are not saying anything but i don't think there will be any market value involve

Giani Sukha Singh

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Sangat Update - Dudley, UK

17 February 2011


Dudley Gurdwara Committee continues to offend UK Sangat and defy the authority of Akaal Takhat Sahib

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The Satkaar Campaign's Sevadaars met with the Committee of Guru Nanak Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Dudley on Sunday 13 February 2011. The Committee confirmed to the Sevadaars the outcome of a hastily convened general meeting called by the Committee on Saturday 12 February 2011, where the "Sangat" of Dudley allegedly approved a motion to split the Sikh Cultural Centre from the Gurdwara's charity, so that each building runs under a different charity and committee. Local members of the Sangat have advised us that this hastily convened meeting did not follow the protocol required as per the constitution of the Gurdwara. We understand a letter of complaint from a member of the Sangat has been sent to the Committee, copying the Charity Commission.

It was clear to Satkaar Sevadaars at the meeting that the Dudley Committee are intent on playing games with the sentiments of the Khalsa Panth, and are determined to continue disrespecting Gurmat principles and the 2006 Sandesh from Akal Takhat Sahib. The Committee are trying to escape their obligation to the Khalsa Panth and Akaal Takhat Sahib by making a "technical" argument that the Sikh Cultural Centre is separate from the Gurdwara. This is extremely offensive to GurSikhs all over the world.

Satkaar Sevadaars, once again, requested the Committee to: (i) realise the Beadbi that is occurring by permitting meat, tobacco, alcohol and parties on the Gurdwara's premises, and (ii) immediately pass a resolution to prevent this Beadbi happening in the future. Satkaar Sevadaars told the Committee in no uncertain terms that the UK Sangat will come to peacefully protest whenever they learn that there is a party to be held at the Sikh Cultural Centre. They should understand the depth of feeling on this issue, and realise that, with the blessings of Guru Ji, the UK Sikh Sangat will remain forever united and have now become even more determined to stop this Beadbi happening.

With the blessings of Guru Ji and the worldwide Sangat, the Satkaar Campaign will expose in the coming days the factually incorrect information deliberately being spread by certain individuals in the Dudley Committee, who are determined to continue serving meat and alcohol in a building forming part of the Gurdwara's Jagir (estate).

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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