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Khalsa ji,

There are regular "sat sangs" taking place at a flat on top of this off-licence.

Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaaj are parkash. The people running this are ex committee nutcases who have been kicked out of the local Gurdwaras, they have said that they will keep buying a new Saroop, and will never stop.

They don't see anything wrong with off-licence downstairs, and unwilling to listen to any dialogue or reasoning. infact they ready to fight to continue this beadbi.

The main guy in question is Bhagwant Singh. He has another chela couple who also live in the same flat. All are pretty old and totally screw loose.

87 Woolgrove Road



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I heard about this at the Gurdwara on the weekend. Im not sure if its the same people but someone was saying that it is run by a member of a group called akhand kirtani or something. i dont really know much about this im sorry, but is this group opposed to the Gurdwara or something? surely this is wrong, selling booze downstairs and having religious scriptures and events upstairs? i mean sorry to take the p*** but do they stop their prayers halfway to come and sell a bottle of Bacardi and go back up? i dont agree with it.

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Update: These forums are okay to discuss topics with people whom you know personally and trust. Otherwise all you are doing is second guessing the individual who has written the artcle. All conversions are open to Distortion,Deletion, and Generalisation.

Take this topic for example.

The shop is NOT an off-license - It is a general store (like most shops it sell cigarettes and yes it does have a license to sell alcohol).

The people above the shop do NOT work in the shop below.

The wholly book that was kept there was returned recently to its temple of origin.

The premsies are private property - a flat that happens to be above a shop.

These posts are normally started by small minded induviduals who are misguided and have nothing better to do ("The devil makes work for idle hands"). They are probably the same sort of individuals who beat their wives, drink alcohol, smoke the odd cigarette or two secretly, verbally abuse their children, eat the odd cake (containing eggs), pick their chins with tweezers, claim benefits they are not entitlied to, drive dangerously, disrespect others, occasionally have feeling of self loathing (and righlty so) and then go and read the wholly book - YES you know who you are - Hypocript!

As you were!

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Whos this new joker who has signed up the photo shows a sign saying 'Off Licence' can't they see

and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not a 'wholly' book as you said you meant 'Holy' learn english - to us Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the living emodiment of our Gurus have some respect,it's not TEMPLE its a Gurdwara - Hindus have temples not Sikhs - only idiots and certain commitees call Gurdwaras temples

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Thanks to all Gursikhs, who not only consider Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaaj as our eternal Guru in theory, but practically take the time out to stop beadbi.

The saddest fact is that Guru Sahib was kept in these conditions for a long time, and many Sikhs knew about it, but decided that because of personal ties to the people involved that it should be swept under the carpet.

We all need to address our priorities, how many times do we hear of someone having Guru Sahib at their home, and you know deep down that they drink, smoke or eat meat? What have you done about it? have you even called any Sikhs to let them know, maybe speak to the occupants?

The shops stocks tobacco, meat and Sharaab, stored in the same building as Guru Maharaaj. The shop is owned by the Same guy, who has only subleased it.

The options were given to the the owner, while Amritdari Singhs were present 1, take Guru Sahib to his house (he claims to be an amritdarhi and has no tobacco etc at his home) 2. Take Guru Sahib to the Guru Ghar until he finds a new premises clear of tobacco etc

He refused and was adamant he will buy another Saroop of Guru Sahib if Maharaaj was taken.

There are 2 Gurdwara Sahibs within walking distance, there is no reason why Guru Sahib should be kept in these kind of conditions.

If he has had a change of mind and has returned Guru Sahib then that is great news. But Sadh Sangat ji should remain vigilant.

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Dear People , all the above comments, which you guys have posted ,that you are entitled to your own option how ever

I have just come across all these's comments and it shocks me how people just write and slaughter innocent people

without knowing the FULL FACTS , I know of these KIND HEARTED People , that have never and would never hurt a soul ...

its true what people say what goes around comes around , and our lot have nothing better to do than gossip and lie about others ...

Peace and respect to the world ...........

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Take this topic for example.

The shop is NOT an off-license - It is a general store

Today11, are you saying it's a restuarant that has a licence to serve alcohol to people while they sit in-store and eat a pot noodle they purchse from the 'general store' shelf ? No ? Then its an OFF-licence my friend. Off-licence means purchasing the alcohol and drinking it OFF the premises it was purchased from.

I won't say anything else to make yourself look silly because I can see the good intentions you come from. You obviously know the people of that off-licence and know them to be genuinely good human beings and...more importantly here....good sikhs. I can understand because as a child my family owned an off-licence and we lived above it. Many times, whilst growing up, we had akhand paths and sukhmani paths at our residence (above the shop). We wern't bad people. We wern't enemies of Sikhi. We wern't trying to destroy Sikhi. We simply didn't know better.

But....we learnt. And that is, after all, what we Sikhs are ; Learners.

My advice to you.....which you can pass to the people in the shop who you obviously know....is to simply learn from what the good people here are trying to tell you about Sikhi. I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, understand the sentiments of the shop owner in question. When you are a shop owner and just happen to live above the shop you don't really think of your home as 'above the shop'. It is simply your home.......the place where your kids and grandkids play and grow....and every good Sikh yearns to have a akhand path or sukhmani path at his home. The shop owners intentions are clearly good. He's clearly not a bad human being....just as my mum and dad were not bad human beings. But 'Today11', just as I had to teach my parents about Sikhi....YOU will have to do the same to the uncle and auntie ji at the shop. It doesn't matter that the members of this forum are by and large very young. You...and uncle and auntie ji, should see it as a priviledge to learn from youngsters with so much pyar for guru ji.

I won't say any more to you. I feel you will understand what I'm saying.

To the rest of you I say benti....please remove this thread from the 'beadbi' section and please don't vilify the family concerned. There are many many Sikh families here in the UK that live above their business's. Understand....that they....just like you....yearn to bring guru ji into their 'home'. The 3 bed semi in the suburbs is not everyone's reality of 'home'. Teach them about Sikhi without vilifying them.

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