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    • Experiments with electricity and magnetism were first conducted in ancient times. However, the founder of the modern science of electricity was William Gilbert, a 17th century English physician. Gilbert was the first to introduce the term electricity.
    • Tough. But guess money talks.  Maintaining your identity is one thing but getting married is another thing. Could be wrong. Makes you think about the quote by Guru Gobind Singh:  Raj Bina Nahin Dharam Chale Hain, Dharam Bina Sab Dalle Malle Hain
    • Don't understand the Franklin reference.    But, yes, the population of humans seems increased, and this will mean less resources for other animals, and taken their land away https://www.researchgate.net/figure/World-population-1700-2030-an-exponentially-growing-trigger-source-Robbert-Misdorp_fig2_260033730 © Statista 2021 Show source 
    • Are you sure it excludes the time on Nitnem? Nitnem would be around 1.5 hours and then on top of that another 2.5 hours is 4hours a day Also, if someone is running a 'marathon' (just an example), they would usually need to start somewhere. 2.5 hours straight (done with total concentration) is basically impossible for someone who is a novice. Probably better to break it down into smaller chunks first, and build up gradually, just like you would do with your body for exercise.    Saying that, it's not impossible , but to be sustainable, stamina needs to be built up
    • To add to this, this type of 'Khalsa education' should encompass shastar vidya, hunting teaching, and horse riding. 
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