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Mystery Book Gives Up A Secret

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I wonder what it could be revealing. A comment underneath the article on the website offers a decent theory:

Have deciphered it years ago. It is written account of really happened before the bible was written. Basically does it tell the demise of former civilisation that had been through the upheaval that we are now to witness. A society that basically was more advanced than ours now. Although so many had to perish does it describe how they outlived that upheaval without being wiped out. It tells about hope and it describes the true beginning of Garden Eden on earth.

Atlantis? The time we know as Satyug or Treta?

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    • It's just to make themselves feel better about themselves.  I guess it is their accents.  Here in the UK, some people find the Brummie accent quite grating and some people would think they are thick.
    • If by 'macho' you mean loud and brash, okay. But if you mean actually being seriously up for dangerous situations and brave like that, there are guys I've known who've grown up here and are infinitely more capable and ready to do serious shyte than most people from back home. You know what the culture is like with shasters in urban parts of the UK.  Like I said previously, it might be a regional cultural thing: that's  why your parents family wouldn't behave like that. Factor in that some people would consider certain traits as boorish, cringeworthy and oafish (rightly or wrongly). The higher the rate of education the more likely they would think like that I would imagine? That's not to excuse effete behaviour by males in our quom. But I feel that it is easy to mistake being loud and brash as somehow being more masculine. This ridiculous notion played a big part in the proliferation of grooming. Certain idiots in the panth were behaving just you describe for years with other apnay, but didn't have the brains or balls to comprehend, let alone try and deal with the issue. It's only when shyte gets deep that you see whose what. Those people who were doing this too us, did it quietly, and let the idiots do their big man macho act.  That's another reason why I don't think such behaviour is particularly attractive. 
    • Doabans seem to think Malwens are loudmouths and quite coarse, haha. I don't know why we love to subdivide ourselves into continually smaller niche groups. Some don't take it seriously, but others are deadly serious.
    • So what do you think it means?
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