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Disgusting Comedy Website And Their Portrayals Of Sikhs!

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

My fellow brothers and sisters. I ashamed to call myself a proud Indian and a Canadian. For many years, I have lived in a country that builds itself on a proud history of respect and tolerance.

The comedy website Desi Comedy.com has been brought to my attention by a colleague at work. I find things in life funny, but this is beyond humour. This is just outright disrespectful. From what I have heard, the guys who run the website are Sikhs as well.

The following article is extremely disrespectful. Please join me in contacting the administrators to cut out anti Sikh humour.


- Sunny

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Here's their justification for the "joke".

As a comedy site our only responsibility is to ridicule the ridiculous. Whether the perpetrators of said ridiculousness are our own people or others. We do not discriminate in this regard. This fake news article was written a couple of years ago; when the motorcycle helmet debate was brought up here in Ontario. A Brampton man, Baljinder Badesha, was fighting a ticket he received for riding his motorcycle without a helmet. He made a big hoopla about it and so did the community which blindly rallied behind him defying all common sense, logic and sensibility.

In our opinion, to make this an actual cause was utterly absurd and very comical. This is nothing more than a safety issue. There is NOTHING discriminatory or racist about this law being enforced. That's it – there should be no argument. My brother wears a turban and rides a motorcycle along with several other turban wearing friends. He himself says he would be a complete <banned word filter activated> to not wear a helmet. It is no different than wearing a seat belt.

Can it be argued that Sikhs are trying to undermine Canadian laws? The law is trying to protect us. Not sure what the positive is in opposing it.

Where does it say for a Sikh that they can't accommodate a helmet? Please show us this.

If anyone feels that this undermines the Sikh cause then we must not have many causes left to fight for. If time and resources can be spent on whether or not we can perform leisurely activities like riding a motorcycle at hundreds of kilometres an hour without mandatory safety equipment, we must be doing pretty good in the world.

"However, that doesn't mean we just simply bow our heads and concede defeat any time something is unavailable to us."

Again this is a choice we as turban wearing Sikhs have made. In this case, If something is unavailable to us it is because we have chosen for it to be. This is not an injustice of any kind so to even attempt a comparison towards one undermines all just causes.

Regarding the kirpan issue, if you followed our Facebook page you would know that we have mocked those who have spoken against it. Tarek Fateh is a douchebag. This is an entirely different issue and to mix the two is uninformed.

For great change to be made we must not make ourselves look like complete fools to those who we need to take our causes seriously. We must move forward with intelligence, logic and rational arguments and put our energy towards causes that deserve the attention of "enlightened" humans. Otherwise we look no better than fanatical Muslims that get enraged over cartoons and caricatures of their prophet. Yes, arguing this is on the same low level as that.

I think they're missing the point. It seems they're desperately trying to ingratiate themselves with the white folk (or any other group of people who make Sikhs feel ashamed to be proud of their faith), rather than placing respect for their religion as their first priority. I expect nothing less from certain sections of our arse-licking youth.

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    • I know some parents who think it won't look on the kids' CV when applying to University etc and worry that they might not be able to integrate as well into society.  I don't know though. A lot of Jewish and Muslim children in North London do well and go to good university/courses.  I hope there are not problems with these projects because of greed of individuals running them. There are not even many 'Sikh schools in India or Punjab. The Christian schools in Punjab seem to be a lot more popular. 
    • Her name was Charlotte. 😅😁 Aside from that, bro, with genuine respect, I think the reality is somewhere between the middle of both our perspectives, but obviously a little closer to my end of the spectrum. 👌
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