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Youth Show - Sikh Channel 840

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sadh Sangat ji, we the SikhYouthProject currently present a Youth Show on the Sikh Channel 840 every Sunday at 7pm.

We have thus far, done shows covering issues such as drugs and alcohol, Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, Satkar Campaign, Out of Faith marriages (repeats this Saturday 26th Feb at 2pm).

Future planned shows cover the following topics:

Sikh Mass Grave (this Sunday 27th Feb at 7pm)

Sikh Gurdwara converted to Hindu Temples



Bhangra Videos etc

If there are any topics in particular you feel that need to be covered, please advise.

We hope you enjoy the shows and apologise for any inadequacies on our behalf.

Bhull Chuk Maaf.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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I love this show! Best show on ANY sikh channel.

Please cover the following:

BIG BIG CRUCIAL point- Parents need to check out what their kids are doing on the net! No way should anyone under 16 have a facebook or msn! Soo much dodgy stuff on there...its my opinion fb,msn etc encourages this through random adds etc. Or if they do they need to keep tabs on what their kids are doing on the net, who they are talking to etc. I'm not just talkin about predators I mean people of their own ages such as members of certain other faiths *cough* trying it on with our girls. Do parents know that everyday certain muslim boys send out add requests on fb and msn to sikh girls they don't even know? Giving them access to pictures, sensitive information, who their friends are, and most importantly intimate, up close contact.

They use this to get into relationships with them.

Please cover the need for the teaching of Sikhi to children/teenagers in your show. Alot of parents don't bother teaching anything to their kids, thats why some of the youth we have is just nuts and has no self respect or respect for Sikhi.

Or if the parents do teach anything its basically superstition/punjabi culture and its the combination of the way they enforce this so strictly and just the actual stupidity of what they enforce that ends up turning kids away from Sikhi as they believe all the rubbish they are told is Sikhi.

Also, please bring up the point of the need to keep kids involved in some sort of sangat from a very early age, Sikh youths need to be the social group for other Sikh youths. Just teaching principles alone to kids won't necessarily defend them from being influenced by people in school (esp in areas where there are less sikhs and more of other particular groups), their life must revolve around Sikhi.

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Great show that you guys present. The Satkaar Campaign and Out of Faith marriage show was really good.

Pls can u do a show on the "generation gap", Do elders see youth as a threat? why the elders do not allow youth in the gurdwara committees and why so few youth get involved in gurdwara committees. Why are no youth mentored into being leaders and why do the same people hold onto kursiya for years and years. This is a major problem for the progression of our community.

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Islam & Christinaity seem to produce priests/imams born in this country...why aren't we? Why do Amritdhari's born in this country not think it will be socially acceptable amongst their peers to become a Granthi? Whats needs to changes? How can UK born Amritdhari's be trained to become Granthi's? Do we need to start investing into this now?

Until we have UK born and bred Amritdhari Granthi's our Gurooghar's will never totally be able to engage with our youth who are born here.

Also, i've noticed Granthi's are generally treated like cr*p by committees...someone that does what they're told and on a leash! I think its because either committee's are power hungry and don't let good Granthis do parchaar or Granthi's from India aren't actually capable of the role and do it just to come to the UK,as a result committees needs to micro-manage them.

I do beleive, becoming a Granthi is not something any one can just do....its a passion to do parchar that one gets through the grace of Guru Jee.

Finally, there's a saying in Inida, if a loafer can't find any job...then as a last resort,at least he can become a paathi and make some money! (These paathi usually come to UK as Granthi's)

*PS i'm not saying all Granthi's in the UK are bad, as some are doing an exceptional job but just some observations of mine.

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