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40 Day Sukhmani Sahib Ji Paath

Guest koe singh

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Guest koe singh

vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ke fateh sangat ji! With mahraj's kirpa, i've been 23 days strong doing sukhmani sahib paath but i have made many mistakes along the way. being a uni student, sometimes i dont start my sukhmani sahib until 11 at night and end up finishing at 12;20am...my question is that does that sukhmani sahib paath "count" for the day i started it or does it "count" for the next day? also, what should i do once i have finished my 40 days (with God's Grace)...with God's Grace, I want to continue doing sukhmani sahib paath everyday, past the 40 days. i have made many many mistakes....sometimes, i'm doing paath while doing other work (ipod) and at times, i have even fallen asleep but I have went back to where i remember the paath being left and start from there (God's Grace). please sangat ji, i need your help! vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ke fateh!

To Mods: can you please keep this in the "gupt" section, the reason i posted this question here is because I don't want to reveal my identity.

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🙏   "A mother who does Sukhmani Sahib once a day for nine months while pregnant and for the first nine months of the baby’s life while holding the baby or being close enough to where the baby can hear

I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I sometimes do that, but try to do it at the same time if you can.

Guest Indermohan Kaur

Dear Friend,

Its good to know that you are following the 40 days rhythm paath of Sri Sukhmani sahib ji. Its even better to know that you want to continue with it even after those days. I wish you good luck for the same.

I would try to resolve the queries posted by you and hope that they get useful with your insight also.

1. The paath would be counted for the day you have started doing it and not when you have completed it, provided you are doing it at one go.

2. Even if you are listening to the paath while performing other chores, it does give you the fruits of listening to it, provided its not only played but listened to as well.

3. Making mistakes while reading it....no problem....but try to fix those mistakes as the time pass by....every child grows up....but do ask for an apology for your mistakes after completing the paath sahib.

hope it would take care of some of your apprehensions. Rest in waheguru's hand.

Waheguru ji da khalsa, Waheguru ji di fateh!!!

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i also had some questions about this topic......can bani/sukhmani sahib really make all your wishes come true? i came across this one shabad that i heard on youtube...and from the sound of it bani can make anything possible but some people say what is written for you can only be made possible.....but since God has the pencil that wrote your destiny, he sure has the eraser right?


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It is really good you are doing this Paath. This paath is easy to recite plus once you have it Kanth it can relax the mind so you can meditate on this Bani. It's language is also not that difficult to understand for someone who understands Punjabi or Hindi. It is a blessing if you can make this Bani into a permanent part of your Nitnem and do it everyday. In the start it is normal for many people to do this in parts and finish it through out the day. But try to increase your speed of doing this Bani so you can finish it all in one sitting. On your day off, try doing it twice to increase your speed. A good technique that I used was doing this Bani by reciting one Pauri 50 times and then moving on to the next Pauri, finishing one Ashtpadi a day. Do this for 24 days and you will have the entire Bani Kanth(memorized) or almost Kanth.

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i also made these mistake... u know once i finished the path of sukhmani sahib at 11:55 pm.... n i was so relaxed...... then my mum told me... y u r still awake at 12:55 i said no its 11:55

then she said that ur watch is working slow...

n i was like :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: ah ki ho gya...

but i think my wish go full filled :D :D Babaji understands... but dont do it repetitively....

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Guest Balwinder Singh

I read every carefully. and now i told all of u own experience. Last year i.e in when we shift to own new house in 28 june 2011. starting of january 2012 some evil soul disturbed me every knight. then i started at the evening path of sukhmani sahib every day in loudly voice. after 2-3 day , once slept , i feel a evil soul is coming to me, at time i chant the mantr of 5th poudi (ek onkar satnam karta purkh nirbau nirvare, akal murat azuni sabang gur parshad. jup aad such jugaad such hi bi such nanak hosi bi such. my conscious awekend , i come out my physical body and i beat him hardly and he run away. and that and this day he not come again. and now, i do the path of sukmani sahib ji every day with pure heartly.

(Wahguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.)

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Guest Manpreet SinghKhalsa

Shri Waheguruji Da kHlasa Shri Waheguruji di Fateh.

"Aap japaye jape so nao"

Waheguru sache pita akal purakh is blessing you with beautiful opportunity to recite strong bani Dhan Ddhan Sukhmani Sahib Ji. do it everyday mera waheguru sohna sajan kan kan vich vsya mera akal purakh, ad aneel anahat jug jug eko ves mera parbrahm waheguruji will fulfill all noble ambitions of all. And please my dear brothers and sisters try to take love of Sukhmani Sahib Ji everyday as much as you can not for 40 days.. LOK V sudhar jaye ga Parlok V.

Waheguru Sache pita Mehr prya hath sbna te rakhe pap julam krn vle sab snghare jan.. Waheguruji da khalsa Shri Waheguruji di Fateh.

Sat Shri Akal

Manpreet Singh

((With Waheguruji di Kirpa)) Mechanical Engineer (Larsen & Toubro Ltd.)

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