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    • We pick and choose the bits of Sikhi that speak to us, and then we spend a lifetime trying to justify why we broke the rules. No wonder nobody takes religion seriously when it's rife with hypocrisy.
    • wjkk wjkf ji you asked very good questions! to conclude, I can say only one thing, "its not an important that there is a God or not or his existence, important is "believe in something" and you can name it anything if you don't agree with the word 'God'.  
    • Wish you a Chardikala future ahead Khalsa ji.   Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh!🙏🙏🙏      
    • I must say my time on this form has been great though it is toxic it was fun to learn and to teach. But as all things I must say bye. I may come on sometimes but not as much. I am leaving as I want to continue my journey and try to destroy all distractions. As Akal wills I walk. If Akal does kirpa my dreams may come true though there is only one dream that I truly care about which is entering the courts of Akal. I know I am a sinner. I have commited many sins and I am so young ,but I hope Akal lets me in and I hope that Akal makes me sit at his lotus feet. I dream one day that I learn vidya from Sants though they are dreams. I dream of doing katha but I will not. And I dream to stay on this forum though I will  not. The forum sometimes angers me and just boosts my ego which is one of the reasonswhy I am leaving. So Goodbye. It was fun and I want all the sangat to blessed. May the Guru be with you forever. And one more thing Sorry. I have been rude and toxic so please forgive me. I am horrible. So please accept my apology. Also sorry for not completing the Sant Gurbachan Mool Mantra katha post. I have no excuse for why I did not do it. I am deeply sorry.
    • Many people think he still blesses us with many accounts. 
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