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Clarification Please Admins

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Admins can u please confirm i have no other accounts on this board.

User: ConfusedAndFloating as wrongly implied that I am User: Paneer Monster :no:

Users should not make such accusations just because i happen to agree with someone on this board.

Admins please clear this up as i do not want other users looking at me with suspicious eyes as Confused Floater has.


Google me! :allears:

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I can confirm that googleme and Paneer Monster are two different ppl (from their ip addresses we mods/admin can see from their posting)..

If someone feel that they are being getting annoyed by someone then they are most welcome to contact us and we will keep their identity anonymous when dealing with such situations.

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ThankQ for replying to Q and sorry for going off topic :)

Yh if I get stung I'll apply toothpaste to the sting :p

FYI, When I was young and in India, in summer we would have bumble bees and occasionally we would get stung. We would use our 'Karas' to get the sting fairfight.gif, One simply needs to scrape the skin and the sting comes out.

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