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Remembrance March & Freedom Rally

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Do anybody know what the mood is on this at grass roots level? Are we getting the impression all Singhs and Kaurs are attending on 5th June?

Do you think every Gurdwara should announce this on every stage this Sunday?

Do you this that all the 3 Sikh Sky Stations should be promoting the 5th of June (full on) now becuase there is not that much time left!! Does anybody have any influence on the Channels to remind them to step up the promoting?

I hope the Youth Show on Sikh Channel really push the 5th June on their show this Sunday!

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Respect to Reading Gurdwara and the Speakers listed below for holding a Bhog of Akand Paath in memory of the Shaheeds in 1984, one Sunday before the 5th June rally on the following Sunday.

Should every Gurdwara be doing this? At the very least, 1984 should be discussed on every Gurdwara stage this Sunday, and a reminder to attend the 5th June rally should be mentioned from every stage. It's our last Sunday to support this rally. If any Singhs and Kaurs have any influence at their Gurdwara please make this happen this Sunday.

Does anybody think that the 3 Sikh TV channels (and the Sikh Radio channels) should step up the frequency of the promos films they have been running to attend this rally. This is our last week to promote this Rally, or the opportunity has gone for another year.!!

It is my benti to the Sadh Sangat Ji, that you make the announcement happen in your gurdwara this Sunday. May there should be people making lists this Sunday of people who are definately attending, from their Gurdwara. A list makes people commit!!! Also if any members of the Sadh Sangat Ji can make the radio and Television stations advertise this 1984 rally more, then please do!

Finally, to the Sadh Sangat Ji in London, my benti is that all London Sangat attends on 5th June as this rally is only local for all London Sangat!

Poeple on this Forum will know the rally is on, but there are still many people who don't know, or may even forget, so please make everyone aware of the 5 June rally!!!

Good example of what all Gurdwara should be doing this Sunday

Bhog of Akand Paath in memory of the Shaheeds in 1984 will be on 29 May at Gurdwara Sahib in Reading followed by talks about Human Rights. Speakers in Bhai Kuljeet Singh (Leisceter), Satnam Singh Barrister and Khalsa Aid.

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Dear UK Sadh Sangat Ji, that’s now, there and no more Sundays, just the one, Sunday the 5th June 2011. Be the at Hyde Park London 5th June 2011, to remember all the Sikh Babies, Sikh Girls and Boys, Sikh Men that were brutally tortured, gang raped, and murdered, in cold blood by the orders of the indian Government in 1984, and before and after 1984!!

Tell every Sikh - If you call yourself a Sikh, be there!!!

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