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*H A T R E D* In Our Youth

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I usually don't post such threads but such issues make me sicken and thought of sending a friendly message to young ones..

I came into sikhi because of akj sangat and i strongly believe that they are one of the main pillar of sikh nation and bhai randhir singh ji jeevani can't be compared with any mortal living in todays world... Same with Taksal jathabandi.. they are our history, present and future.. who gave up so much shaheedi and gurmat giyan whenever panth asked for.. In my views these two are the main jathabandis who are for panth chardikala and pure...

Below is one example on how todays youth (mostly born and brought up in west) are not doing any positive for panth unity. Having differences is natural but it takes real sikhi to respect others despite of small differences. If you know someone who has such mentality then please guide them, help them and encourage them not to follow such -ve path.

Kissay nuh burra naa kaho..



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True, i think people should all watch this, including me.

23:30 onwards Bhai Ji talks about Taksalis vs AKJs

It's actually quite childish if you ask me. Reminds me of a kid at Gurudwara who tries to put down people of other Jathas.

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This thing is very clear if we keep on fighting among our self there can never be chardikalla of panth. There will be place occasions when two jathebandis had to stand against each other when it comes to mareyada and this is where the seed of hatered is planted.

When such situations come its better to look and enforce view point of Akal takth sahib then fighting.

Like with sikh channel. If it shows pro abc jatha program the other jatha people declares it anti panthic and stops its financial help and vice verse.

And there are many many situations like this. Thats why the need of hour according to me is full promotion of Akal Takth sahibs mareyada when their is a clash of mind sets.

The thing which worries me often is after 20 - 30 years the youth today will be in command of panth and this youth dont have even 1% tolerance of going against the mareyada of its own jatha and if nothing is done right now the time when todays youth will be jathedars parcharaks etc it will be most difficult time for ekta of panth.

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All youth in the uk need to make unity between caste and jathebande one of our top priorities. we should all actively tackle this in our local cities, set up dialogue and communication with each other regularly, work together on a positive goal of sikhi parchaar, unite against anti sikh forces and recognise we all bow before sri guru granth sahib. we dont want to become like other religions shia and sunni muslims are a prime example of how bad things can get. older generations need to address this issue too and speak about it with the youth

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Bhai Jeevan Singhs Meetings with Giani Baba Kartar Singh Jee (Bhindran Wale)

Bhai Jeevan Singh jee used to be invited by Giani Baba Kartar Singh jee Bhindran Wale to do Keertan at Mehtaa. It has been said that Baba jee would wait at the train station for Bhai Sahib and the Akhand Kirtani Jatha Singhs to come. When Bhai Sahib jee used to get off the train Baba jee would rush to the train to greet Bhai Sahib. When they would meet they would embrace one another with so much pyaar. Baba jee held Bhai Sahib jee in great regard. Baba jee himself would serve Bhai Jeevan Singh jee langar with his own hands. Whenever Bhai Jeevan Singh jee would enter the Diwaan where Baba Kartar Singh jee would be doing Kathaa, Baba jee would stop the Kathaa and say request Gurmukh pyaare Bhai Jeevan Singh jee to do keertan for the Sangat.



Standing united together

Panthic leaders, including Baba Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale, Bhai Joginder Singh Talwara, Bhai Amrik Singh at the site where the Antim-Saskar of the 13th Shaheeds was performed. Bhai Fauja Singh Ji's shield can be seen amongst the ashes

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There was recent discussion with a Singh from 1978 he said both groups of Singhs of Jatha Bindran and Akhand Kirtani Singhs had so much pyaar for each other. Even before the 1978 saka they where willing to take bullets for each other without any hesitation regardless of minor veechara differences.

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