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Asian Network Nihal - Benti To Satkaar Camapign


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Im pretty sure tommorow on asian network tommorow they will have a show on dudley protest on nihal's

show which airs at 1pm. I make a benti to satkar campaign sevedars, to please call in the show to defend

sikhs who protested at dudley. I can guarantee that 90% of callers will take side of those supporting party halls,

meat, sharab. I can also guarantee that majority of callers supporting party halls at gurdwara's will be of sikh

background! These are dark times for sikh panth! It is important that member of satkar campaign who call in

have good knowledge of sikhi and knowledge on akal takhts hukkamnama's, sandesh etc. Personally I think

maybe Manvir Singh or Navreet Singh. I dont personally have any contacts, phone numbers with satkar campaign

so I make benti to members on this forum to contact satkar campaign to make sure they phone in on asian network

if issue of Dudley protest comes up.

Im pretty sure it will, asian network loves these sort of topics as they know this will

be hot topic. If you haven't listened to show before it will shock you, many issues have come up before such as wearing

kirpan to school, in this show a guest speaker was invited. She said she was 'sikh' but would never let her child attend

a school wear any other kids wore a kirpan! I dont really listen to show anymore, can't bear to listen to so called 'sikhs'

defendending anti-sikh ideoligies.

So benti to satkar campaign if topic of dudley protests comes up, make sure you phone in.Otherwise I can guarantee

it will be a 1hour show making sikhs out as thugs, trouble makers, militants etc

waheguru ji ka khalsa! waheguru ji ki fateh!

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nihal is scum and we should botcott the bbc as much as poss.

Why do you call Nihal scum and suggest a boycott of the BBC?

Why use personal insults against an individual who you do not know - except for the 2 hours that he is trying to act as a neutral judge in a radio debate.

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Was this show on today then? If so anyone know of what the outcome was?

No, it was a bank holiday yesterday so they had a fluffy debate about Facebook held by a couple of stand-in presenters.

I expect the station understands that people will be tuning in today (after returning to work), and thus the debate will reach a wider audience. I'll be very surprised if they don't hold the debate this afternoon. I suppose because a police investigation is on-going they might not touch it all. Let's see.

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