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What Is The Name Of This Love?

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I love waheguru

I want to know him more and more

I want to repeat his name more and more

His name is sweet, really sweet,

Why is Waheguru sooo sweet?

When I close my eyes I wish I could see you

When I open my eyes I wish I could see you

This relationship reminds me of love Why?

What is this relationship that I won't to leave?

What is this relationship that I can't name?

Only Waheguru knows this love is really different..

Waheguru waheguru Only you understand me....me just you

I always feel others understand me..But I realize no one does

Why can't I name this relationship Waheguru...What do you call it?

Waheguru you make me fall in love with you many many many times?

Moo Lalan Sio Preet bani..I have fallen in love with you waheguru My lord. Just you?

I feel low in sikhi sometimes but this nameless relationship is soo strong that you won't even leave me?

What can I name this whaeguru....Love is what I see in you.

You are my mother, father, sister, friend....everything

What can I name this beautiful relationship that I have with you Waheguru

There are lots of people that come and go...but you are always there protecting me

You have been so great to me waheguru...still I can't name this relationship

You are here..there...everywhere....but I can't see you because I can feel you...

I want to see you waheguru...please bless me with your darshan waheguru

I wish I had million and million of tongues so I could praise you more and more.

Waheguru...you are a Wonderful guru

Why do I forget you?....How dare I waheguru?

I am the biggest fool in this world...who could not understand you..

But now I understand you...but I am still a fool and always will be

What can I name this relationship?....Why is it soo nameless?...Only you know

I was really bored last night..so I just sat down on my laptop and typed it..I thought I could share what I feel. This relationship is nameless.

Everyone in this gupt section..always writes about love..problem.. and that...the biggest problem is that we never understand what real love is..and that is only with waheguru,,

Just waheguru.,,This relationship we have with waheguru is so great that...that there is no name for it?


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You seem to be under the impression that marriage and love are somehow connected. :laugh:
Was that sarcasm? I'm not sure.

Love is connected to anything and everything, without love there is nothing.

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Does tat mean we don't need to love anyone else what about when we need to get married to make the next gen of sikhs?

Khalsaji this relationship that we have between wAheguru is different from all those other relatiionship like love. Of cos we will have to get married...remember wAheguru is in everyone..so why wont we love everyone?

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Was that sarcasm? I'm not sure.

Love is connected to anything and everything, without love there is nothing.

Yes it was sarcasm. I was trying to show the person I replied to that marriage and love is not mutually exclusive. Yes, in a perfect world we would all adore to be "in love" with the person we marry but for some people love simply isn't a big deal. Its about undertaking one's duty and just getting on with life. Being in love certainly isn't necessary for the process of reproduction.

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Being in love certainly isn't necessary for the process of reproduction

Sorry to go off topic but with out love, it's just two animals doing it...While it is quite possible to reproduce with out love, but to do it the "right" way, love is the first and foremost requirement!

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Sorry to go off topic but with out love, it's just two animals doing it...While it is quite possible to reproduce with out love, but to do it the "right" way, love is the first and foremost requirement!

You misunderstand me. I'm not disputing your arguments. I'm simply pointing out that in some instances love is not a factor. I'm not offering an opinion on the matter. I'm simply stating a dispassionate fact.

Anyway, we seem to be taking the focus away from bhenji's poem.

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this is another writing to waheguru, this moorak is only sharing because it knows everyone go through the same....

What is the name of this love - Part 2

I look for sunshine which is not approachable but it seem so near when my fingers slowly reaches out to caress it soul reaching rays... The feeling of eternity forms within the core of my heart because it has realize it is part of the universal love that binds the existence of nature together without revealing itself it absorbs into the root of their nucleus, yet this so called lover yearn to be with it but do not accept it love within as the lover cheat with duality, it calmly wait because it knows this mooraks thirst can only be quenched by it true love

Waheguru this manukh is filled with manmat thinking it does not understand your love because it is not worthy of it and will never..as it has not got the capability and knowledge to understand you and your greatness waheguru because, you are incomparable to any love that has existed in this worldly illusion which is filled with dirt, because your love is the only true existence just like the water lily existence in the impure water,

My love is only filled with ego and lust but your love is so beautiful because it only wants the good of this soul... You take me out from trash and make myself worth your love, I dare to discard it and treat it like trash and walk away looking for comfort in Maya's pleasure which has lasted only to tear and loot the only love you placed within my heart..

What have I become now a mere puppet of my egoist and lustful brain cheating with the Maya and duality has lost sense but...

From nowhere your purest White light full of love reaches within the soul of this moorak and has raise it mind to where it is standing n what become is you coming within me and making me realise through guilt and conscience that I am there and will always be there don't stop looking for me i'm not far because i'm close to your heart beat i flow through the blood which travel through ur nerves, ur existence every step I nourish you as you are..

My beloved and I love you dearly giving you everything of mine because its all yours, This all waheguru says and keep saying never getting tired

This moorak do not understand it sitting here writing the unspoken words that are craving to burst out in tears and this is because it loves waheguru and the love is also given by waheguru but this soul is just an instrument that waheguru plays,

Waheguru is my greatest lover because it will never lie to please me and it loves me as I am as it is the one who created my existence...

Bhul chuk maaf karna


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Guest louboli

Does tat mean we don't need to love anyone else what about when we need to get married to make the next gen of sikhs?

It means love everyone cuz god's in all and Is all. Nirvair means love All equally. The way we do this is to recognise that God is in all, in the slanderer/ sinner and the saint, good and bad. There is no Nirvair without Nirboa, so we must love each and every person and thing equally without fear, love God without fear, He is without image and his love is unconditional.

We are just like Him, and this is what we're here to discover. We can see Him each time we open our eyes and feel Him with each breath, we recognise Him when we are in His name/ saying His name.

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My goodness, there are no words to describe how beautiful your post is. God bless you.

May we all feel such an incredibly beautiful unconditional love that we never give in to the false ever again.

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