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When reciting a shabad it is always advisable to say beginning, Mehlla 3 or pauri etc as this is part of the shabad. When singing the shabad most ragies leave this out although I have seen some who will say the heading/almost like a mangalcharan - before they start singing the shabath.

The Mehlla at start of a shabad indicates which Guru Sahib Ji composed the shabad.

Mehlla 1 - Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Mehlla 2 - Guru Angad Dev Ji

Mehlla 3 - Guru Amar Das Ji

Mehlla 4 - Guru Ram Das Ji

Mehlla 5 - Guru Arjun Dev Ji

Mehlla 9 - Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji

Patshai 10 - Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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