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The Way People Judge At Us And Laugh At Us

Guest CuriousSIngh

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Guest CuriousSIngh

The ones who do this all, laugh at our beliefs, what we do and what we believe in. How do you deal with them? I mean we really cannot go fighting with every single person that does that and anger is one of the vice we should not do. But how should we all dead with these judgmental and hating people?

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ma(n)dhaa kisai n aakheeai parr akhar eaeho bujheeai ||

Do not call anyone bad; read these words, and understand.

moorakhai naal n lujheeai ||19||

Don't argue with fools. ||19||


sir sir rijak sa(n)baahae t(h)aakur kaahae man bho kariaa ||2||

For each and every person, our Lord and Master provides sustenance. Why are you so afraid, O mind? ||2||

You can never eradicate racism, people that laugh and point at us are usually in groups on people, and want to show off to their mates that they are "hard", just ignore these people. If however a person is alone and is racist, then be brave and correct them. They will never expect you to do it. And why beat them up, it will only create more hate for us.

Just keep the gurbani posted above in your mind :waheguru:

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I make sure to laugh with them, and then say something in a really sweet and friendly way that makes them feel humiliated beyond devastation. Best part is the helpless expression on their face, as they can't retaliate, and the irritating grin on my face which they won't ever forget.

Problem solved!

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Guest parchar!

Parchar parchar parchar is the key (IMO) there used to be a time when Singhs and Kaurs would drop everything and come running to help each other out to do camps/workshops etc nobody has that time these days

Start with the community around you, send your work colleagues an email, maybe ask your boss if you can do a small presentation, put a poster up, put an intriguing picture on your desk so people stop to ask questions...I am lucky i work in a school, i get to talk about Sikhi all the time and even though I am the only sikh there and the 1st sikh the majority of staff and students have met they have learnt a lot

end of the day our whole communication should ooze sikhee, be it through appearance, mannerisms, speech, behaviour

End of the day people only laugh at what they don't understand but that don't mean we should laugh at them

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Guest therefore

The ones who do this all, laugh at our beliefs, what we do and what we believe in. How do you deal with them? I mean we really cannot go fighting with every single person that does that and anger is one of the vice we should not do. But how should we all dead with these judgmental and hating people?

These people are God, all is god. Hes devised a game for us to play to find him. According to our Karma and deeds, some find him quicker than others.

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.

bwjIgir jYsy bwjI pweI ]

The actor stages the play,

baajeegar jaisay baajee paa-ee.

nwnw rUp ByK idKlweI ]

playing the many characters in different costumes;

naanaa roop bhaykh dikhlaa-ee.

sWgu auqwir QMim@E pwswrw ]

but when the play ends, he takes off the costumes,

saaNg utaar thamiHa-o paasaaraa.

qb eyko eykMkwrw ]1]

and then he is one, and only one. ||1||

tab ayko aykankaaraa. ||1||

So we shouldnt really treat anyone badly because he is not just in all, HE IS ALL!

The trick of Truthful living is to do bhagti, good deeds, and to respect the gyan given in Gurbani and apply it always. Hence do not indulge in the 5 thieves-you'll be tested on this, retrain them, retrain your mind and don't argue with fools.

If you want to educate someone, speak Truth calmly, if they don;t accept, that's up to them, you cannot force Truth and faith on anyone, it is their choice if they want to live in Truth or illusion.

Satnam Ji

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