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Parkash 2011 Live Broadcasting

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With waheguru's apaar kirpa, After the successful LIVE broadcasting of 5th june LONDON REMEMBRANCE MARCH AND FREEDOM RALLY, now PARKASH 2011....the spiritual jorney continues....the biggest kirtan darbar in UK will be shown LIVE on WWW.SIKHMOVEMENTS.COM on 22nd,23rd and 24th july. timings are as follows:- Timings are as follows:- 22nd july:-5:00pm -11:00pm(uk time),09:30pm-3:30am(india​n time). 23rd july:-3:00pm-10:30pm(uk time),7:30pm-3:00am(indian​ time). 24th july:-9:00am-4:15pm(uk time),1:30pm-8:45pm(indian​ time).

FACEBOOK EVENT:- www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=236027926418667

dhwanwaad.bhul chukk maaf.


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Isn't the live broadcast working?

unfortunately,the management of parkash 2011 refused to give us the permission for LIVE broadcast of programme on www.sikhmovements.com. they did not respond well to our request. the organiser told us that the rights are given to the sikh channel.the sikh channel and sangat tv were both showing LIVE. we don't know wats the problem they have with us.

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